WWE SmackDown: Results, Highlights and Grades for Jan. 17, 2020

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Kane returns to WWE SmackDown, while John Morrison has his first WWE match in a decade. Plus, Robert Roode returns to face Roman Reigns. Meanwhile, Lacey Evans tries to wrestle Sasha Banks once more.

Speaking of, WWE SmackDown immediately opens with The Big Red Machine making his entrance. He acknowledges his record for holding the most ever Royal Rumble eliminations and how he hopes to win this year’s Rumble in hopes of having a chance at immortality at WrestleMania.

In mid-promo, Bray Wyatt appears on the titantron for an impromptu Firefly Funhouse, elated to see Kane, but shames the “big red bully” for relishing in the pain of others. But he’s glad Kane is here after making a trip from “H-E double hockey sticks.” We then see that Ramblin’ Rabbit is alive and on life support after what Bray did to him last week.

Wyatt points out that he shouldn’t try to win the Rumble, since it’ll lead to challenging him for the belt. Wyatt reminds Kane that he remembers their old history together and so does The Fiend.

Lights go out. Kane walks up the ramp. Lights back on, The Fiend claws his way into the ring. Kane turns around to see the Universal Champion.

“What took you so long?” Kane asks. This is an ambush as Fiend turns around into a high knee from Daniel Bryan. He pounds on The Fiend until he retreats back under the ring, but not before Bryan rips his dreadlocks out.

With The Fiend gone, Team Hell No celebrate in the ring just like olds times.

Grade: B-

Loses points for an admittedly dull, by the book Kane promo, but it definitely picked up steam with Bray’s promo. Because who doesn’t love the Firefly Firehouse? Bryan’s ambush was a nice swerve as well.

Backstage, Bryan is approached for an interview. He points out that The Fiend’s best trick isn’t disappearing, but running away. He ponders how he could beat The Fiend when he keeps running away, so he challenges Fiend to a Strap

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