WWE: Sooner or later, Bobby Lashley is winning the title

WWE, Bobby Lashley (Photo credit should read AMER HILABI/AFP/Getty Images)
WWE, Bobby Lashley (Photo credit should read AMER HILABI/AFP/Getty Images) /

Even if he doesn’t beat Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley is a future WWE Champion.

WWE hadn’t made the best use of Bobby Lashley since the former TNA and Impact Wrestling star began his second stint with the company in 2018.

Lashley returned in order to have marquee feuds and ascend into the main event scene, with the Brock Lesnar dream match being the main draw for The Dominator.

From an embarrassing rivalry with Sami Zayn to a pairing with Lio Rush to an awkward rivalry with Rusev, Lashley has been through the weirdest storylines WWE could have possibly concocted. But it may all finally have a payoff for the accomplished MMA star, amateur wrestler, and pro wrestler.

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According to a report from the Wrestling Observer News’ Dave Meltzer, via WrestlingInc.com’s Marc Middleton, Paul Heyman has wanted MVP to work with Lashley in order for the latter to have a WWE Title run on Raw.

It’s unclear when Lashley will get his chance to hold the belt, but Meltzer reports that Heyman views him as a champion.

All I can say is that this has been a long time coming. Lashley should have been a champion in either 2018 or 2019. But now that Raw finally has some sense of direction under Heyman, Lashley is set to benefit.

It’s hard to see him winning at Backlash next week, though.

Drew McIntyre recently won the title in the main event of WrestleMania 36 over Brock Lesnar, and he’s been one of the best wrestlers in the company since his Royal Rumble victory.

As a champion, McIntyre has been tremendous, including putting on a classic with Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank.

McIntyre vs. Lashley could be the best match at Backlash, even as WWE hypes up Edge vs. Randy Orton as the greatest wrestling match ever. (I still cannot type that out with a straight face!)

MVP and Lashley’s reunion in WWE from their days in TNA/IMPACT is already paying dividends, and Lashley feels like a true superstar on Raw for the first time since returning. With his promo skills and mind for the business, MVP has helped elevate Lashley and is showing wrestling fans why he’s one of the best managers in the game.

Lashley may not win at Backlash, since McIntyre’s been so good and needs to keep holding that title. And a Jinder Mahal vs. McIntyre match has to happen whenever Mahal returns from his latest injury issue.

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Sooner or later, though, Lashley will get his WWE Championship run. We’ve been waiting too damn long for it.