Xavier Woods reveals he suffered an injury on January 7


Xavier Woods revealed that he’s suffered an injury and provided a timetable for his return to the ring.

While speaking on G4’s Attack of the Show on Thursday, January 13 he informed the public that he suffered a torn plantaris muscle. According to Woods, this injury happened during a January 7 match where he teamed with Kofi Kingston against The Usos.

“Yeah, so I was jumping in the ring to do a DDT. I spring off the bottom rope and grab the guy and then run his head into the ground hopefully shattering all the bones in his body so I can pin him and win the match, and make more money,” Woods said. “So, I did that part still in the process – no jumping off the rope, so nothing like – not a shark attack, not a steel chair hit, not a machine gun, not a machete. I just jumped.”

According to Woods, if he manages the injury well, he is expected to be out for four to six weeks.

“You know, this sucks,” Woods said. “I can’t do this or that but I can do this for this. We finished everything and it’s all cool. So, like, four to six weeks, and I’ll be good.”

Woods is yet another big name on the SmackDown roster that has suffered an injury heading into the important Royal Rumble. Sasha Banks is currently out and Drew McIntyre is dealing with an injury that he’s had for some time.

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