AEW: Who should be the first team to win the Trios Titles?

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There has been a lot of talk in recent months about AEW’s roster size and if they should continue to bring in talent or just focus on the talent that is there.  And while we can argue for and against that for hours, one way to help get more talent screen time would be to introduce Trios Titles into the fold in All Elite Wrestling.

During a media call held by Tony Khan, he was asked about the possibility of Trios Titles in AEW and when he would be introducing them.  Khan seemed very open to the idea but also said that if AEW did introduce Trios Titles he would want to wait until Kenny Omega was back so that Omega could be a part of it.

The thought of all the talent that could be packed into a tournament to become the first-ever Trios Titleholders is very appealing.

Whether thinking about existing trios within the promotion or about the possibility of which AEW stars may link up to try to win those titles would make for some fantastic matches and a captivating tournament.

Who should be the first team to hold the inaugural Trios Titles in AEW?

There is no shortage of teams in AEW that could be packed into a trios title tournament in the near future.  The Gunn Club, Christian Cage & Jurassic Express, 2.0 & Daniel Garcia, and any combination of the Best Friends or Dark Order would be solid entries and capable of some good matches, depending on how large of a tournament bracket AEW wanted to go with.

All Elite Wrestling
All Elite Wrestling /

After those teams, you start to get down to the more serious contenders to become the first-ever Trios Champions in AEW.

The likes of Death Triangle, Adam Cole & ReDRagon, and Team Tazz would all be fine choices to win the tournament.

But with Team Tazz already holding the FTW Title and Hook working on becoming a star in the singles division, to put them in a scenario to focus on trios matches seems counterproductive.

Death Triangle would be a great choice.  But the way the Lucha Bros lost the AEW Tag Team Titles with Rey Fenix hurting his arm, there seem to be more legs to the story of them coming back and chasing those titles.  This would also free Pac up for a serious run at the AEW Title at the same time.

All Elite Wrestling
All Elite Wrestling /

And while Adam Cole and ReDRagon would be great trios champs as well, Adam Cole should be booked like a bigger star than being wrapped up in the tag team division.  Keeping him strong in the singles scene and having him compete against the best AEW has to offer there is a more suitable role for Cole right now.

With that said, below are three teams that should be considered clear frontrunners as the first Trios champions.

Kenny Omega and Young Bucks

With Tony Khan saying that he wants to wait for the return of Kenny Omega to introduce the Trios Titles, it is all but certain that Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks are the most likely odds on favorite to be the first champions of the trios division.

Kenny Omega has held the AEW World Title and the Young Bucks have held the AEW Tag Titles, and neither one of them are probably in line to win those aforementioned titles back anytime in the near future.

So it makes sense for them to become the first-ever Trios Champions.  Much like Cody Rhodes did for the TNT Title and Jade Cargill is currently doing for the TBS Title, Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks would do for the Trios Titles.  They would bring instant star quality and credibility to new titles and add prestige to them immediately.

The Young Bucks are one of the best tag teams in the world and Kenny Omega has shown his ability to be a very astute tag team wrestler as well during his AEW Tag Team Title run with Adam Page.

It would be hard to argue against the Elite as the first Trios Champions.

Darby Allin & The Hardy Boyz

Having the Hardy Boyz in AEW for one last run through the tag team division should be a wild ride with the quality of tag teams in the promotion.

But what can you do to further the legacy of a tag team that has literally done it all?

Make them two-thirds of the first AEW Trios Champions of course.

There is clearly something going on between the Hardys and Darby Allin.

The way Allin stared at them when they made an appearance on both Dynamite and Rampage last week indicates that.  But is that stare one of admiration or distrust?

Given Darby’s battles with the HFO/AHFO, it is easy to see why Darby may not trust the Hardys.

However, Darby Allin’s style is so similar to a young Jeff Hardy that it would be easy to argue that Hardy was most likely very influential in shaping the wrestler that Darby is today and Darby’s stares may be nothing more than disbelief that he is sharing the ring with one of his idols.

Time will tell, but AEW could do a lot worse than putting these three men together to become the inaugural Trios Champions.

The House of Black

While we have only seen this trio compete once on AEW programming, they were awfully impressive during the Revolution buy-in.

In Malakai Black, Brody King, and Buddy Matthews, we have three supremely talented individuals that work well together in the ring as well as put together a video package and promo to sell a match as well.

And throughout the short history of AEW, the programs where the babyfaces are chasing the heel champions have been some of the most memorable.  Whether it was Mox going after Jericho, Hangman chasing Omega, or the Lucha Brothers coming after the Young Bucks, the faces chasing the heels is always a more satisfying program.

Next. Adam Page is having a strong run as AEW Champion. dark

Given their unique style, video packages, looks, and entrance, this trio could set the standard with a dominant run in a new tag team division with their diverse offensive attack and underhanded tactics.  And that would lead to a fun chase of the trios titles for all the babyface teams in the division.