WWE: Three Potential New Members of The Judgement Day


The Judgement Day was an interesting new group but after multiple changes, they need a new spark and need it quickly.

While it isn’t anybody in the group’s fault, The Judgement Day hasn’t had the same momentum since Edge was removed. After Edge announced Finn Balor as the newest member of the group, the WWE threw a huge swerve. Damian Priest took the microphone and said that they were ready to get rid of the last thing that was holding them back. Stating that they were tired of taking orders from anybody else, Balor, Damian Priest, and Rhea Ripley turned on the leader of the group and kicked him out in a surprising and violent shock move. The remaining members would continue on as “equals” in the ranking of the stable.

The new version of The Judgment Day was a much different look and it honestly felt a little strange. However, it still looked like it had the potential to go somewhere. Unfortunately, the group was hit with a major setback when medical issues put Rhea Ripley out of action and left only Balor and Priest to represent the stable. The Judgement Day is nowhere where it once when you just take a look at them. As it has been stated before, Priest and Balor look more like a tag team than a stable at this point without Rhea or Edge leading things.

They clearly could use something to generate some momentum. When arguing if Dominik Mysterio would fit in the group, there was one thing that was for sure, the stable could benefit by adding a new member. There are many superstars in the WWE that could benefit from a change of character and joining the stable like Dominik Mysterio. Since I’ve already argued Dominik’s Judgement Day spot, he will not be included in this list. With that being said, here are three choices that could be a good fit to join The Judgement Day.

3. T-BAR

It has been a long, strange journey for T-Bar in the WWE. He started out his career in NXT as a heel as Dominik Dijakovic. However, before he could gain much momentum, he was put out of action after tearing his meniscus.  Once he made his return from injury, he was turned into a face and quickly became a fan favorite due to his ability inside and out of the ring. During his tenure in NXT, Dikajovic had multiple great matches with Keith Lee and showed that he could have been a top draw for the company.  However, he was suddenly called up to the main roster and was completely rebranded to the character we know him as today but with a mask.

Alongside the multiple original members of the Retribution stable, fans were wondering what was going on. All of the time and momentum that Dijakovic had gained in NXT was wiped away like it was nothing. After the failure of Retribution as a stable, Mace and T-Bar continued to work as a tag team. That was until the 2021 WWE Draft where Mace was drafted to SmackDown to eventually become a male model and T-Bar found himself left alone on Raw. Since then, he has had just a few appearances on Raw and spends most of his time fighting on the secondary show Main Event, which somehow still exists.

While he may be a little worried about joining another stable, this could be a turning point for T-Bar. He can return to being Dominik Dijakovic as the group would want him to do so. The Judgement Day was about allowing people to be who they truly are and unlocking their full potential.  That is exactly what T-Bar needs for his career at this moment. He would truly look like a threat standing tall in The Judgment Day like his fellow stablemate Damian Priest.

2. Shelton Benjamin

Another person that may be a bit upset with stables is a former member of The Hurt Business: Shelton Benjamin. As tremendously talented as Shelton Benjamin is, he has struggled to be able to show it during his two tenures in the WWE. Just when Shelton is starting to shine and show just how good he is, something happens or somebody changes their mind. Shelton is a multiple-time Tag Team and Intercontinental Champion while also a one-time United States Champion. Unfortunately, Shelton has failed to reach the top of the mountain even though there are plenty of reasons why Shelton Benjamin should have been a world champion.

After being released from the WWE in 2010, Shelton worked around the world to continue to show how good he is. After being away from the WWE for six years, he was advertised to return to the company. Unfortunately, Shelton tore his rotator cuff before he could fully make his return and sign his WWE contract. Nearly a year later. Shelton finally made his return to the WWE to team with Chad Gable. Since then, he has mostly shined as a member of The Hurt Business with MVP, Bobby Lashley, and his tag partner of the group, Cedric Alexander. Just when they looked to be on top of the world, the WWE decided to end the group and they soon disbanded.

After fan backlash, The Hurt Business eventually came back together but it was nothing like it once was. Since then, Hurt Business has broken up again, and Shelton pushed to the side and nearly completely forgotten. While the other former members of The Hurt Business can still be seen on Raw, it has been a while since we have seen Benjamin. A great talent like Shelton is just fading away and is also just the type of person that The Judgement Day is looking for. They are looking for great wrestlers that have been held down and are looking to prove their worth. That sounds like Shelton Benjamin to me, what do you think?

1. Bobby Roode

While this may sound like a bizarre choice for the list and for Bobby Roode’s career, let’s talk about it for a minute. Since Roode has been in the WWE, he has been the heel and face version of the same character. He is “Glorious” and while nobody can disagree with the statement and the gimmick got over, that is all that the character has been for years now. Besides teaming with Dolph Ziggler for a period of time, Roode hasn’t changed much since he started in NXT. However, any longtime fan of Bobby Roode knows that he has the ability to change things up. During his time in TNA Impact Wrestling, Roode was all over the place.

He was a member of the villainous Team Canada stable showing love for his home country. He ran his own company, Robert Roode Inc, and once owned the contract of Eric Young. He was both loved and hated as a member of the beer and money-loving tag team that was cleverly named Beer Money Inc with “Cowboy” James Storm. He was the most despised person in the company at one time turning on Storm and becoming the longest reigning world champion in company history. And most importantly of all, he was one of the most beloved wrestlers to ever step into an Impact ring. He never felt dull in Impact because he was always changing things up, even if it was just a bit.

With that being said, Bobby Roode’s character has gotten dull in the WWE. While live crowds will continue to chant “Glorious!” and sing along with his theme music, the gimmick has likely taken him as far as it’s going to at this point. With his Dirty Dawg’s partner, Dolph Ziggler freshly shaved and apparently off to different things, it is time for Bobby Roode to go off and find different things to do as well. The WWE went the shocking route with Dolph Ziggler by turning him back into a face by targeting Mr. Money In The Bank Theory. Roode deserves a shocking move as well.

It is time for a character overhaul for Roode that is more than if he is going to be Robert or Bobby. By taking a more serious approach to his career and wearing suits like he used to back in his TNA days, Roode would fit right in alongside the members of The Judgement Day. This would give Roode a fresh start that could break him from his “glorious” roots. Roode has proved that he has what it takes to be the top star in a company during his time in TNA and NXT. Maybe this could be the way for Roode to finally get to the top in the WWE.

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