The next 3 men that should hold the WWE Championship


If the WWE Championship comes off Roman Reigns, these men should be next to carry it.

Roman Reigns sits nicely upon the throne of the WWE Universe, carrying both the Universal and WWE Championship. With Triple H in charge of creative and rumors around the USA Network looking to get a title back on Monday Night Raw, his time with both belts may be coming to an end. With that in mind, here are the next three men that should hold the WWE Championship and lead the men’s division on Monday nights.

Karrion Kross

Karrion Kross has returned to WWE and the response from fans goes both ways. There are some that are interested in seeing how Kross will fare with Triple H in charge, then others concerned that his push on WWE NXT left much to be desired. Expectations are that he will be inserted into the Drew McIntyre versus Roman Reigns match at Clash at the Castle, making it a three-way battle. That sets the stage for Reigns to lose a title, without taking a pinfall. With the WWE Championship on Kross’s shoulder, he could head over to Monday Night Raw to face a full slate of challengers, while McIntyre remains on SmackDown to keep his sights on Reigns.

Kevin Owens

It has been five years since Kevin Owens held a singles title in the WWE. In fact, he hasn’t held a title at all since his United States Championship run was ended after two days. Owens is widely considered one of the best competitors on the WWE roster. He can deliver in every aspect asked, being both the babyface and the heel.

It’s time to get Owens back into the title picture and with Triple H in charge, that time seems to be here. He recently destroyed Ezekiel in a moment that hopefully writes him off the television and presents Owens as more of a threat to all the title holders on the show. If Owens were to get a WWE Championship run that would go a long way in earning praise from the viewers that enjoy professional wrestling.

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is the MVP of all things WWE. He’s the individual that the promotion continues to count on to keep fans invested and deliver a great match when it counts. He was the perfect foil to welcome Cody Rhodes back to the company, and that delivered in helping the company develop a new star. Now, Rhodes is on the sideline and Rollins remains in the picture. With him as WWE Champion, there are several ways the company can go, including Rhodes winning the Royal Rumble and having the two men face off at WrestleMania, bringing a final close to the story.