WWE: Becky Lynch turning face is the right move for the women’s division

It has been over a year since Becky Lynch’s return to WWE at Summerslam. When she came back, she was a heel, and The Man became Big Time Becks. Fortunately, the fans only had to wait a year to see the return of The Man when Lynch turned babyface after her loss against Bianca Belair.

Everyone would have to wait a couple of months to see The Man in action due to Lynch’s shoulder injury. But when Lynch is cleared to wrestle again, she will get a great babyface reaction from the crowd. Fans cheering on The Man will show why Lynch should have been a babyface in the first place. And why turning her baby face now is the right move.

Why WWE turning Becky Lynch into a babyface is the right move?


TOKYO,JAPAN – JUNE 29: Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss compete during the WWE Live Tokyo at Ryogoku Kokugikan on June 29, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)

Lynch was at her best during the 2018-20 period. She held the Raw women’s championship for a year. No one could not beat that year. The only reason she dropped the belt is that Lynch was pregnant.

When Lynch was The Man, she felt real and genuine instead of playing a character. She was an underdog who has the biggest confidence in herself. When she also backs up her talk by winning which got the crowd behind her.

That is why it was weird that Lynch turned heel. She beat Belair for the smackdown women’s championship in 20 seconds. A few weeks after Summerslam, Lynch was talking trash to Belair and telling the crowd that they turned their backs on her by cheering for Belair.

After that, The Man turned into Big Time Becks. She became cockier and more obnoxious while wearing outlandish clothes. In the eyes of the WWE universe, Lynch was not the same wrestler that blew up when attacked Charlotte Flair at Summerslam 2018.

On the Raw after Summerslam, Lynch came out with a similar style that she had when she was The Man. When she spoke, she was talking like The Man again. Lynch said in the past year she was not herself, but now she is The Man again.

The only problem is that now the fans must wait a while for Lynch to wrestle again. But when she comes back, Lynch will get the biggest reactions from the crowd. And she will be presented as a big deal once again.

I know she got the championship and held it until WrestleMania, but Lynch did not have the same presence that she had when she attacked Flair. She will be in a feud with Bayley since she along with Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky attacked Lynch’s injured shoulder after Lynch told the fans she would be out due to her injury.

In 2021 fans have been waiting a year for Becky Lynch to come back. And she returned to WWE, but she was not the Becky Lynch before she was pregnant. However, it only took a year later for Lynch to be The Man again and the fans got invested in Lynch again. That is why it was the right move to turn Lynch babyface again.