Three big matches for Carmelo Hayes on the main roster


Carmelo Hayes is one of the top young talents on the WWE roster. Praise is typically universal for everything he does in the ring and with the microphone. Fans are waiting to see when and how he’s introduced to the main roster, as he’s one of the many individuals on the roster that should be built as a “pillar” for WWE’s future. With that in mind, here are three main roster matches for Carmelo Hayes that come with major excitement and expectations.


In recent years, many of the men and women called up from WWE NXT to the main roster have received the sub-optimal booking. Damian Priest and Gunther are two individuals that stand out among that trend, Gunther even more so. WWE presents him as a big threat and his placement has elevated not only the Intercontinental Championship but the individuals he faces along the way. Hayes is someone that would benefit from both that type of booking and a strong feud against Gunther and Imperium.

Hayes versus Gunther is an exceptional example of styles make fights. Hayes’s quickness and agility, going against the power and brutality that Gunther presents. It would be interesting to see how this match would go over with WWE’s presentation power behind it combined with Triple H’s vision of wrestling in WWE.

AJ Styles

AJ Styles is a name that deserves to be recognized among any list of GOAT wrestlers. The totality of his career stands the test of time against any of his peers. Any wrestler coming up in Hayes’s position should beam at the idea of standing across the ring from Styles in a one-on-one affair.

WWE has run the “older generation tries to stop the youth movement” angle multiple times, and the reason is that it helps create some interesting matchups. Styles versus Hayes fits into that space. In many ways, Styles was whom Hayes is at this point in his career, and one could see Hayes attempting to prove his worth with a victory over Styles. Watching him pursue that victory would be a joy to all the fans.

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is at the top of his game. Even as Roman Reigns dominates as the Head of the Table, Rollins remains the guy WWE goes to when it needs a consistent string of big matches. And he’s excelled in that role. If Hayes is going to get a big introduction on the main roster, Rollins would be a great competitor to slot into that position.

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Hayes versus Rollins has all the “big fight feels” that WWE could put together today. It would be difficult to see Hayes picking up a win against someone that could be a top champion in the promotion. But with time, Seth Rollins versus Carmelo Hayes has the potential to carry any Pay Per View.