Kayden Carter and Katana Chance can help the SmackDown brand


The WWE main roster needs continued work to improve its women’s division and adding Kayden Carter and Katana Chane creates more pieces to use.

NXT Vengeance Day has come and gone. One of the developments from the show saw Kianna James and Fallon Henley pick up the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships. While the tag titles haven’t received the best booking across the board, NXT is taking steps to improve the women’s division. Plus, without the titles perhaps it’s time to move Kayden Carter and Katana Chance to the main roster.

Carter and Chance held those championships for 186 days. Along the way, they defended those titles only five times before dropping them to the new title holders. While they didn’t get to display much as champions, Carter and Chance did show flashes of what fans have long wanted to see in tag team wrestling, especially within the women’s division. They grew as a duo and infused new maneuvers into their offense along the way. If utilized in the correct fashion, this could be a duo that could be a boost to the women’s division on the main roster.

Dakota Kai and IYO Sky picked up the WWE Tag Team Championship back in November of 2022. Unfortunately, they’ve only defended those titles once since then. The difference between the booking of the women’s division on the main roster and NXT is 180 degrees. Moving Carter and Chance to the main roster wouldn’t immediately remedy that situation, but gives a show like SmackDown two more pieces it badly needs to rebuild that women’s division.

They could be featured as a tag team foil for Kai and Sky, but there’s a strong chance that Becky Lynch will soon have allies to help in her battle against Damage CTRL. Carter and Chance are one duo that should not be split up because they have more value to the company as a tag team at this time. If splitting them is the direction decided upon, Carter looks more of a stand-out star between the two women.

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With WrestleMania 39 on the horizon, it will be interesting to see what changes the WWE takes with the main roster. There’s a big need to add to the women’s division, plus ensure the ladies have ample time across five hours of programming each week. Bringing up Kayden Carter and Katana Chance from NXT would help increase the depth of the roster and give the company two more pieces that can be used as a duo or individual competitors.