Which Tag Team(s) Should the WWE Focus on Post-WrestleMania?


WWE has a deep tag team division and these are the groups that should stand out heading into the summer. 

With WrestleMania a few weeks behind us now, where the WWE crowned brand new tag team champions, let’s start to look forward at what might be next for the division.

If you’ve read my article on Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, you’ll know that I believe that it is only a matter of time before these two split up and feud with each other. With that being the case then it would be a great time to shine a light on some deserving duos.

Jimmy and Jay Uso were able to elevate the tag titles so high on the card that their match against Zayn and KO was the main event of WrestleMania’s night one. With their prestige being as high as it has been in some time, hopefully, the WWE doesn’t drop the ball (but the news of Vince being back in charge of creative isn’t very reassuring). Rather than continuing to throw two random singles stars into a team (Zayn and KO get a pass due to the story), this would be the perfect time to focus on some teams that have made a name for themselves as a team.

The WWE currently has incredible teams such as the Viking Raiders, Street Profits, Imperium, Good Brothers, New Day, Alpha Academy, and Legado Del Fantasma on the main roster but I would also call Pretty Deadly and the Creed Brothers up from NXT. Then instantly put the belts on the Creeds.

With Vince’s history of splitting up teams to shine a light on one of the members, he will eventually break the Creeds up to that he can push Julius to give them some run with the tag titles before then. There are only so many hours of TV to go around, so working all these acts into the show would be impossible right now but the upcoming WWE Draft makes one think that they’re going back to show-specific rosters which would then likely result in separate Raw and Smackdown champions again. If that turns out to be the case, this would be a great opportunity to put the championships towards the top of the card on two different shows thus providing a greater opportunity to give some of these teams storylines that the fans can sink their teeth into.

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WWE can begin to rebuild the tag team division on the main roster and to do so, the company should look to The Creed Brothers to lead the charge.