Three long term feuds for CM Punk and his return to AEW


When CM Punk returns to All Elite Wrestling, these are three big long-term feuds that fans would gladly experience.

After months of speculation, rumors, and social media arguments, Tony Khan has confirmed that CM Punk is heading back to AEW. Thanks to the timely development of AEW Collision, it looks like the company is heading for what some are considering a brand split to keep Punk and others on the roster away from each other. The debate about that development is sure to come, but there’s no denying that Punk’s return will create some exciting professional wrestling. Looking at the AEW roster, these are three long-term angles that would keep Punk in interesting positions upon his return.

CM Punk vs Ricky Starks

Many wonder what type of response Punk will face when he returns to AEW. Will fans cheer him? Will they boo him? Will there be a mixed reaction, with many not getting their hopes up due to his frequent appearances and exits? The answer will soon come. But imagine a world where Punk is a heel because of those reactions and becomes an opportunity to build a massive babyface. The person who should benefit from that is none other than Ricky Starks.

Starks is a consummate favorite with AEW fans and throughout all professional wrestling. The company has the potential to turn him into a generational superstar if giving him the spotlight his fans demand. While that doesn’t seem like it’s on the immediate horizon, pitting him against Punk would be a massive step in the right direction. Their abilities on the microphone and storytelling in a match would make this a must-see long-term feud.

CM Punk vs Samoa Joe

CM Punk and Samoa Joe have a legacy that could almost define professional wrestling. It has been nearly 20 years since the two men faced off in the ring, with the last time occurring back at Ring of Honor Redemption on August 12, 2005.

What’s even more interesting is that CM Punk has never defeated Samoa Joe in a singles match. Imagine that story being told in today’s wrestling world. Joe is riding a wave as the ROH Television Champion, deserving the name “King of Television.” Think about a series of matches and verbal battles between Joe and Punk, especially if Punk makes a surprise appearance on Ring of Honor.

CM Punk and FTR join forces

The friendship between CM Punk and FTR is something that many fans have clung to for better or worse. Taking this friendship from behind the scenes and putting it on television would have massive implications for the entirety of All Elite Wrestling. Of course, there’s a potential Trios angle against the House of Black with the championship on the line. But what if this is the eventual angle that brings Punk and FTR into direct confrontation with The Elite? Could AEW do it and create one of the biggest moments in professional wrestling this generation? There’s still a lot to happen before then, but fans will certainly hope for the best.

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