IYO Sky versus Asuka is a perfect feud for the WWE women’s division


WWE must give a potential angle between Asuka and IYO Sky the respect it truly deserves. 

There are two important angles coming out of WWE Money in the Bank. One involves Damian Priest, Finn Balor, and the immediate future of The Judgement Day. The second features IYO Sky as the Women’s Money in the Bank briefcase holder. Sky is a big favorite among fans and there’s a push to see her rise to the top of the roster. To get there she must get through current Women’s Champion Asuka and this is a big feud that will generate excitement for the women’s division.

Sky versus Asuka immediately captured the appeal of both casual and hardcore fans. Any time they’ve interacted on television those segments are met with praise and thousands of views on YouTube. Some want to see how the women with a storied history together perform when given the chance to compete in the biggest promotion in wrestling. Others who are unfamiliar with their past simply know that they are two of the best in the game today.

There’s a lot of content circulating about WWE’s need to develop more stars in the women’s division. That has been the case for years. Outside of Bianca Belair, there hasn’t been a consistent effort to push any fresh faces to the top. Even Asuka, who has been one of the best-booked women on the roster, has struggled to get a run that has helped her remain relevant for a long time. This run as champion is seemingly going to kick off that moment – if she successfully gets through Charlotte Flair without any hiccups.

Having Sky on the other side would be the perfect feud to build coming out of SummerSlam through the Royal Rumble. Instead of having Sky take the “cheap” route and cash in on Asuka after a big match, build the feud for the Rumble while focusing on their history in Japan. Give them the full 20-minute match treatment that fans want and watch these two women kill it from bell to bell. This doesn’t have to be a one-and-done before running back to a Four Horsewomen, instead, take this moment to build up both ladies and create a positive spark for the rest of the roster.

IYO Sky versus Asuka has the potential to be one of the best feuds in recent memory for the WWE women’s division. It is imperative they are given the time and opportunity to create the masterpiece fans have asked to see for years.

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