Breaking the Curse: What WWE Should Do With The Women’s Tag Team Championships


In continuing the record run of forgettable reigns for WWE’s least successful title in years, the WWE Women’s tag team titles are once again without a team to defend them after Sonya Deville went down with an injury. What WWE should do with the women’s tag team championships depends on who you ask. However, the company desperately needs to do something. Perhaps most disconcerting is that this does very little to hurt the women’s tag team division because there is little to speak of outside the champions.

Ultimately, the future of the titles depends on how WWE sees this part of the women’s division. So far, WWE has not stripped Sonya’s partner, Chelsea Green, of the titles. That leaves them with several possible options. They could use this opportunity to reset a character or dig into what worked in recent months. There is no right or wrong decision here, and it will likely stay the same division or WWE television. If they can catch fire, though, it may reignite the tag team division and provide even more opportunities for women’s wrestling in WWE.

#ChelseasGotTalent Comedy Search

Green has taken this time to search for a new partner, and everyone from Mick Foley to Cathy Kelley has sent out their audition tapes via social media. Some notable names include her real-life husband, Matt Cardona (previously Zack Ryder), and the comedy king of WWE R-Truth. If WWE was interested in taking the belts down a more comedic route, they could. Chelsea Green is already proving to be one of the funnier members of the roster. Her star search moment has the potential to showcase her talents in the best way. It can also add a bit of fun to WWE programming, which has not been missing for a while.

One way this could end is with a change to the titles division. Some of the funnier names on the social media trend are mail superstars. Her husband, Matt Cardona, is also a name that has evolved on the independent scene. If WWE felt so inclined, they could use this talent show comedy bit to create a mixed tag team title for the roster. The chances that a mixed tag team title will be better for WWE is unlikely. It could introduce Cardona to the WWE again or provide a stagnant title with something funny and exciting for another year.

The One Women Show

Wrestling has had several one-person acts hold tag team titles on their own. Whenever a promotion does this, a larger performer fights two people at once and displays dominance. Chelsea Green doesn’t fit this picture, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work. Without being a giant, WWE can give her a solo run by leaning into a cheating heel persona. Green is already working with a cheating gimmick, but it usually doesn’t work out because she is a comedy character. That could change by giving her more wins by any means necessary to keep the two titles. It would give her a long title run and a spotlight.

WWE needs more contenders for their women’s championships on Raw and Smackdown. The lack of credible title matches has been the subject of a lot of content online. If Chelsea Green is working as a heel who holds both titles and cheats to maintain them, she could quickly over. It would make her seem like a serious threat, a craft heel who knows how to win. Her natural charisma makes her a comedy act predominantly. It could work with a gimmick like this with only a slight alteration. She would have all eyes on her, not wanting to share the spotlight. Holding both titles will let her shine, and booking a weasely heel strong gives the main event another viable contender.

#AndNew Tag Team Champions

WWE has had a standard operating procedure. It is the reason that the title reigns have been so quick recently. What WWE should do with the women’s tag team championships is what they always do. Vacate them and crown new champions. They can still involve Chelsea Green but with a new partner. A title tournament is always exciting and could let WWE showcase many women across television. Ideally, it will highlight some current stories and add prestige to the struggling title belts.

Although it isn’t the most fun, it may be the most likely. WWE makes injured champions vacate the title they almost always have. In this case, the timing is unfortunate. The championships have had this exact issue multiple times. However, there may be better courses of action than changing course now just because they have done this recently. Keeping consistency is usually the way to go, and without a better idea should be the guiding principle. Plenty of women in the company could use this opportunity, either as a team or by partnering with Green until Sonya gets back.

The Titles Have Lost Their Smile

Sometimes it is okay to say goodbye. What WWE should do with the women’s tag team championships could be to let them go. The division is not serious and never has been. The title has a few iconic teams and matches, but primarily that’s not been the case. Losing those belts will do very little to ruin WWE events or television. Opportunities are ideal, but only when they matter. The creative team can use television time to feature women in stories without a title, as the men do.

When it is time to go, it is time to go. Trying to keep the title alive may be foolish. No one has any serious critiques of the WWE women, and that is without a solid tag team title, anyway. The show could easily go on without that division. More mixed-gender matches and the added time could give the women of WWE something fun and exciting, not the obligatory tag matches. Letting the titles go also means they can return later when WWE has some teams to feud for them. With very few real teams on the roster and that division shrinking to injury, it may be time to give it a rest.

So What WWE Should Do With The Women’s Tag Team Championships

Retire the titles. Even though there may be some more interesting options, what WWE should do with the women’s tag team championships is send them away forever. It has tried and failed to make the titles matter.  It doesn’t add anything to the show; frankly, it seldom has. Let Chelsea Green carry both defunct belts and run a gimmick as the last women’s tag team to try and avoid wasting the time invested in her character thus far. Nobody has gotten the belts over, and nobody has gotten over as a tag team titleholder. Let the builts go away and let the roster continue to do what it excelled at over the past year when the belts were stage props anyway.

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