Three things to watch for at WWE Crown Jewel 2023


Excitement is growing for several big matches at WWE Crown Jewel 2023 and these are three points that fans should watch closely.

WWE Crown Jewel 2023 is a major showcase in the PLE calendar. The controversy surrounding this event will never go away, partnering with Saudi Arabia should be analyzed and properly covered. Still, millions of wrestling fans will participate in the government’s continued push of sports washing with WWE. This is a big card that features several important matchups at a time when WWE is a few months away from Royal Rumble and WrestleMania season. These are three big points that fans should keep an eye on at Crown Jewel.

Logan Paul picking up a WWE singles championship

Logan Paul will battle Rey Mysterio for the WWE United States Championship. Fans rolled their eyes immediately at this plan because everyone knows that WWE values crossover stars. Paul is the biggest crossover name on the roster. It seemed that WWE was heading in a different direction with Mysterio as champion, but now the focus is on Logan Paul.

Paul has received praise for his work in WWE so far, but there are many who raise eyebrows at the idea that he’d be another part-time champion on the roster. There will be interest in Paul, but at the same time, there are many voices ready to ignore his presence in the promotion.

John Cena putting over Solo Sikoa

John Cena is talking about his upcoming match against Solo Sikoa as a “must-win” match. That’s never the case with Cena, as he’s a made man in every definition of the word. But putting over Sikoa on a PLE in a singles match would be massive for the young, Samoan competitor. Many are looking at Sikoa as a big singles star in the future and he’s been booked as a force for The Bloodline. His picking up a clean win over Cena would be a massive win and a clear indication that WWE has big plans for him over time.

Damian Priest and the Money in the Bank

Damian Priest has a big match against Cody Rhodes on the card. Rhodes is enjoying a substantial push in the company and doesn’t take too many defeats. It’s understandable that many see him as the favorite coming into this match. But Priest has booking momentum as well and has been well-protected since joining the main roster. Something must come to a head between these two men. But the Money in the Bank briefcase plays a key role in that discussion.

Think back to Seth Rollins’s iconic cash-in at WrestleMania. Earlier in the evening he was defeated by Randy Orton in a great match, with the latter hitting a highlight-reel RKO. That victory is often forgotten, however, because the night ended with Rollins swinging the championship around his head. What if the tables are turned on him this time around? Priest could be defeated by Rhodes earlier in the evening, just to turn around and finally cash in on Rollins before the night is over. That image of The Judgement Day holding nearly all the championships would be a fantastic shot to close the show.

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