2024 must be the year Zelina Vega is rewarded for her performances


Zelina Vega continues to be a consistent performer whenever she’s given the chance to shine and 2024 is the year when she should reach championship status. 

The WWE women’s division is stacked with talent. Whether it’s WWE SmackDown, WWE Raw, or WWE NXT, there are several women that earn the praise of fans and viewers each week. Recently, one individual stood out and her consistent performances during her WWE run continue to pop up when needed. Zelina Vega is an often-overlooked member of the women’s division and 2024 should be the year when she’s elevated to a singles championship.

At 32 years old and with 13 years of experience in the industry, Vega still surprises many with her range as a performer. Since joining WWE in 2018, she’s been used as a second to rising and top stars, rarely getting the opportunity to show a consistent run as a singles wrestler. But when she’s given that chance, she shows that she can stand on her own. Take her recent run against Rhea Ripley which led to her big moment at BackLash as an example.

Vega’s versatility makes her such a valuable member of the roster. When COVID-19 forced nearly all the professional wrestling world to shut down, WWE turned to Vega to be one of the central figures on the main roster. She stood toe-to-toe with the top stars as a mouthpiece for Andrade and Angel Garza, pulling together one of the most hectic times in wrestling history. Fast forward to the November 10 edition of WWE SmackDown and Vega was once again front-and-center in a central storyline. This time it was Santos Escobar turning on Rey Mysterio. Vega’s emotional response has garnered praise from her peers backstage.

“There have been quite a few people internally who have raved about Zelina Vega’s performance and her emotional work during the Escobar turn on this past Friday’s SmackDown. Vega has done some acting work pre-WWE,” Mike Johnson of PWInsider reported.

Vega’s ability to deliver when the lights are shining needs to be rewarded. With Vince McMahon out of the way, Triple H is taking the slow approach to feature more women on the roster. That should lead to Vega getting some time in the spotlight. 2024 poses some interesting opportunities where she could rise to a main event slot. Imagine her winning the Money in the Bank and cashing in at the right moment to become champion. Her fans would surely embrace that moment. Or what if she returned to WWE NXT for a stint on that brand, leading to a run as the NXT Women’s Champion? Others have done it, and while she may not have the following of Becky Lynch, Vega could certainly draw some eyeballs.

Zelina Vega is a member of the WWE roster that deserves more praise than she receives. She continues to step into the roles asked of her and does well each time. 2024 should be the year when those abilities are rewarded with a run as a singles champion.

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