3 forgotten names that could be AEW World Champion

All Elite Wrestling has a stacked roster and these three men have all the talent to be champions in the popular promotion.
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It is no secret that All Elite Wrestling has a deep roster. There are so many men and women who perform every week who could be a champion, carrying the promotion with their full breadth of skills. While the focus firmly sits on men like Swerve Strickland and Will Ospreay, there are some others flying under the radar. These are three men who could be elevated to championship status and would perform well in that position.

Claudio Castagnoli

Claudio Castagnoli is a man who is champion-ready right now. When he was Cesaro in WWE, fans often wondered when he’d get that moment. It was a moment that never came. When he made the leap to AEW there was a thought that perhaps he’d reach that point of being a top-level champion. While he did have two reigns as Ring of Honor Champion, that’s not the highest prize in AEW.

Castagnoli can be trusted to give fans a fantastic match. If you just took his catalog of matches in AEW, you’d have a list of some exceptional entries. Imagine if the added layer of defending the title was placed on top of that. Even more, Castagnoli has recently cut a series of vignettes explaining why he pushes himself as a professional wrestler. While he’s not the biggest name in the Blackpool Combat Club, he has all the skills and characteristics necessary to be an AEW World Champion.

Ethan Page

Ethan Page can do it all. Put on a great match? Of course. Get his character over with a powerful promo? He sure can. In fact, he can play the straight guy and make fans laugh with his comedic timing. Ethan Page can and has done it all. It’s almost surprising that he’s been with the company since 2021 and has yet to hold a championship of any kind. In fact, five months into 2024 he hasn’t had a match on AEW television.

Page is someone who could be heated up with a strong storyline and be built into a believable champion. He hasn’t held any singles championships in any of the organizations where he’s worked, but he’s shown the potential to be in that top spot. He’s someone that’s hidden deep on the roster, who in all honesty, shouldn’t be.


El Toro Blanco is back! The two-time ROH World Champion recently made his return to AEW television. He’s another name that was signed to the company but wasn’t frequently placed on TV. Now that he’s back, it seems like the company is investing time into this run, even giving him vignettes to build his character. Rush has been known to be a little erratic outside of the ring at times, but he’s a talented performer in the ring to boot. Of the three listed, Rush is seemingly the long shot of them all, but he’s someone who could be placed in a world championship angle and it would be believable by AEW’s hardcore fans.