Seth Rollins must be the top pick in the 2024 WWE Draft

Seth Rollins' work speaks for itself and he deserves to be the top pick in the 2024 WWE Draft.
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The 2024 WWE Draft kicks off with WWE SmackDown. The draft pools are out, and several top names from Raw, SmackDown, and NXT are up for grabs, while the top four champions of each brand are “protected.” Looking at who is available, the number one pick should go to none other than the MVP of all things WWE, Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins can and has done it all in professional wrestling and sports entertainment. His 2023 to 2024 run is yet another accolade in what a Hall of Fame career has been. His run as WWE World Heavyweight Champion came to a close at WrestleMania 40, a weekend where he competed twice with a badly damaged knee. For 316-days he ordained that title as the belt that the WWE is built upon, while the other championship was hardly carried, becoming more of a prop than anything else.

Sure, Roman Reigns is the guy who just had a historic run as champion come to an end. Since he doesn’t have a championship, he’s up for grabs by either brand. But here’s the thing, there’s no telling when he will actually come to work! His developing story with The Bloodline will be the angle that garners the most attention, but that shouldn’t be the only reason a performer is selected in the top slot.

Rollins is expected to be out for a few months to heal that injured knee and get some much-deserved rest. Where he fits into the main roster upon his return is a major story in its own right. If Cody Rhodes is still the champion, does he now owe Rollins a favor in the form of a title shot? What about his story with Roman? His hated of Rollins caused his defeat and there is a lot of meat left on the bone in that angle as well. What about something different? Rollins versus Gunther, CM Punk, Chad Gable, or Ilja Dragunov. There are so many different paths he could take.

Fans should be excited for the 2024 WWE Draft. Now that WrestleMania 40 has come and gone, it is time to see exactly where Triple H’s vision for the roster and creative is headed. The moves in the draft set that tone, pointing out who are priorities and which stars will take a step back. There are opinions about all of that, but one point can’t be refuted – Seth Rollins should be the top overall pick this year.