Show Me The Money: Five Names WWE Must Keep on the Roster 

WWE has some major names still looking to re-sign in the next year, and there are five names WWE must keep on the roster at all costs. Drew McIntyre leads a solid crew of top-tier talent that WWE needs to keep in their organization and away from anyone else if they can.

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The road to WrestleMania has a lot of tried and true tropes, including the understated frenzy of contract information. With some major names still looking to re-sign in the next year or two, there are five names WWE must keep on the roster at all costs. If WWE is serious about building off the momentum they have built up this year, some key players need to stick around. Some are future world champions, while others are the legends of tomorrow who can help bolster the roster. Fightful's reporting indicates that these five acts are approaching the end unless WWE can get a deal done.  

Drew McIntyre

It's been a year of speculation that Drew McIntyre was on the way out. There is some speculation that the only reason that he is even around to headline WrestleMania 40 with Seth Rollins is because of his injury time extending his contract. Regardless, McIntyre's run on Raw is all the evidence needed for his inclusion as one of the five names WWE must keep on the roster at all costs. He is right up there with Cody Rhodes as the top talent of the current roster of main-event superstars. His new desperate heel persona with the occasional swaggered promo is consistently the best part of Raw for many fans.

At one point, WWE was creatively not using Drew McIntyre, and AEW seemed the better fit for a star looking to control his brand. AEW's recent ratings woes aside, they have money, and McIntyre would likely be a top star if they decided to use him on TV. Luckily, the creative team has finally come around to using McIntyre, so that should alleviate some of his worries. Hopefully, WWE is willing to come up with enough money so we can pay off the teased McIntyre vs CM Punk rivalry and see Drew win a title in front of live fans. 

Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch is once again headlining the Women's division in WWE at the peak of WrestleMania season. Of the five names WWE must keep on the roster, Becky is the linchpin (pun intended) of the women on the show. She is an icon amongst the roster, the first bonafide main event star the division has ever produced. The Man is a big deal. 

Without Lynch, Raw is without a main attraction on that side of the card. Rhea is getting there, growing into a star that transcends her current character into something unique. However, that distinction is exclusively reserved for Becky and Charlotte Flair. With Charlotte all but guaranteed to stay in the WWE Universe, Becky is the highest-profile woman on the block. With Hollywood calling, a block-buster book debuting soon, and her husband, Seth Rollins, looking at the end of his contract, there are plenty of reasons Lynch could want to step back and retire. WWE needs to be ready to accommodate outside projects and travel to ensure that, at a minimum, Becky is available for the big moments like WrestleMania for years to come. 

Seth Rollins

Of the five names WWE must keep on the roster, only one is currently a champion. Specifically, Seth Rollins is the inaugural (sort of) World Heavyweight champion. Like his wife, Becky Lynch, he is frequently in the main event scene. Even with an injury, Seth has been working the build on multiple WrestleMania 40 matches, including his match with Drew McIntyre. He is a company-first superstar who, like Becky, has earned his status as a top priority for WWE.

Unlike Becky Lynch, though, Seth doesn't have the same outside influences. Apart from their family, which they share, Hollywood has not been quite as interested in Rollins. That doesn't mean that WWE can ignore the visionary at the negotiating table. However, it gives Seth more incentive to stay put in the upper echelons of Monday Night Raw. His alliance with Cody Rhodes and the feud those two have embarked on with the Rock at Elimination Chamber in Perth are central angles that Seth could also be compelled to stay for. 

The New Day (Big E, Xavier Woods, and Kofi Kingston)

The New Day, currently just Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston, has not creatively been a top priority for WWE. With Big E still out, possibly forever, the New Day shine has faded from TV. Big E's role at the WWE press conference sparked renewed interest as the beloved superstar connected with fans again. His reaction at the press conference and the praise his colleagues still get on TV and YouTube are evidence that New Day is an act worth securing, and all three have contracts expiring close together. Beyond their status as legends, possibly the greatest team in WWE history, the biggest issue they pose is if they decide they still enjoy wrestling but not for WWE. 

The likelihood of each member leaving is varied. Big E has never competed in the indies, Kofi has, and Woods excelled in promotions like TNA. If the legendary trio turned up anywhere else, say AEW, they would be at the top of every division and be treated as possibly the best team on the show. Matches with The Young Bucks, Lucha Bros, or another feud with FTR would all be dream scenarios. All three have hinted they may be ready to retire from full active competition in the past. All three have pursued outside passions as well. That shouldn't stop WWE from signing them to lucrative deals that keep them in the WWE Universe. There is an old pro wrestling truth about retirement. When it comes to a return, you could never say never. 

Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens has had an interesting three years. If his recent booking within the United States Championship level is an indication, the former Universal Champion may be looking for another promotion to work for. However, throughout his current contract, he has appeared in the main event of WrestleMania twice—the first time against Stone Cold Steve Austin, no less. He revitalized the tag team titles in his second go around while being a critical character in WWE's Bloodline saga. These are just some of his marquee moments. That is a stellar resume creatively, even if it doesn't come with many wins. Even his United States Championship rivalry is against celebrity superstar Logan Paul, adding momentum and interest to the mid-card program.

WWE could give Kevin Owens some more wins. Likewise, he should be on Raw to compete and win the World Heavyweight title at some point. But the truth is even if WWE doesn't want to do these things, they should consider it and a lot of money to keep Owens. He may not have the same instant star power as somebody like Drew McIntyre or Seth Rollins. He does play a critical role at every level. He can be the main event of WrestleMania or play foil to the United States Champion. If any wrestler on the roster is a utility tool, it is Kevin Owens. Losing that critical link without a readily identified replacement could hurt months of plans and make the roster significantly weaker. Avoiding that scenario is worth quite a bit of whatever Kevin wants. 

Locking down the five names WWE must keep on the roster. 

The five names WWE must keep on the roster have been the tentpoles of every division over the past few years, from mid-card title match bangers to excellent tag team bouts and world-champion-caliber performances in the men's and women's divisions. Rumors have been circulating about some of these potential free agents for over a year. Others would be shocked to see it on the open market in 2025. In any case, their future in WWE would be bright, so the company should ensure they pay top dollar to secure that future for the WWE Universe.