Tiffany Stratton is the favorite to win the 2024 Queen of the Ring

The Queen of the Ring tournament is back and Tiffany Stratton should win the crowd to keep her momentum moving in the right direction.
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The King and Queen of the Ring will make their return in 2024. News released during WrestleMania 40 weekend revealed that the two “titles” are coming back this year and set for an event in Saudi Arabia on Saturday, May 25. Looking at the current main roster women’s division, Tiffany Stratton stands out as a favorite to win the honors this year.

Tiffany Stratton is one prime example of a young talent that has broken through thanks to WWE NXT. The work that the brand is doing with the women’s division continues to create some of the best content seen across WWE’s shows each week. Stratton was already on her way to having a strong run, but the 2023 angle with Becky Lynch pushed her over the top. Now, Stratton is on the main roster and it looks to be near impossible to keep the lid on her rise in the ranks, as fan support continues to swell behind her.

Just look at how fans reacted to Stratton’s appearance during Elimination Chamber. The video of fans chanting for her has been shared and talked about several times over. She was kept off the WrestleMania card, in what was an understandable decision as the attention was focused on other areas. Now that the show has finished, Stratton’s push to continue starting with the upcoming edition of SmackDown. Her original demeanor is that of a heel, but it will be difficult for WWE to keep that type of heat on her as fans make it clear they support nearly everything she does.

With Bayley walking into the biggest championship victory of her career, it would be too soon to see Stratton go up against and take that belt from her. While a mid-card championship would be better for the women’s division, the Queen of the Ring is a suitable replacement to keep Stratton’s push hot and give her some strong victories along the way.

It will be interesting to see who fills out the brackets for the tournament. There are several women in the division that aren’t near a title push but could use a strong moment in the spotlight. Candice LeRae, Zelina Vega, and Elektra Lopez are just three names that immediately jump off the page. Perhaps a Chelsea Green for comedic timing, and a Michin to round out the field. Pitting Stratton in a group such as that would make it clear that she’s the woman to come out on top. But if there’s a big name like Bianca Belair involved, that would be a sign of a big feud to come.

Tiffany Stratton has excelled in her brief time as a professional wrestler and sports entertainer. WWE has rightly tagged her as a future star. One way to keep her hot in 2024 would be to see her win the Queen of the Ring and build on that momentum for the rest of the year.