WrestleMania 40 is the perfect time to introduce the Chyna Memorial Battle Royal

Chyna is one of the greatest women to ever take part in professional wrestling and WWE should honor her with a memorial battle royal.

WWF Wrestler Chyna to Appear in Playboy
WWF Wrestler Chyna to Appear in Playboy / Spencer Platt/GettyImages

WrestleMana 40 is little more than a month away. The card is taking shape, but there’s still a lot of jockeying for spots on the card to come. With two nights of action, fans can expect WWE to pack the card with as many performers as possible. The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal is an annual showcase that brings out several men on the roster. It’s time the women had something of their own and nothing would be better than introducing a Chyna Memorial Battle Royal. 

Chyna doesn’t need any type of introduction to fans of professional wrestling. The “Ninth Wonder of the World” kicked down so many doors for women’s wrestling. A “women’s revolution” would not have happened without her presence in wrestling decades ago. Sadly, like many other stories in the industry, he life ended sadly after being shunned from the WWE. But fans and performers alike have a deep love for Chyna, one that shines through even to this day. 

There’s a steady push for WWE to induct Chyna into the WWE Hall of Fame on her own merits. She went in as a part of DX in 2019, but it's time for the company to give her some praise of her own. The 2024 Hall of Fame has yet to be announced. Chyna would not only fit as the perfect headliner, but that would be the best setting to announce a new annual battle royal at WrestleMania. 

Look at how stacked the women’s division is today. The fact that fans are trying to push for Liv Morgan to get a big spot shows there aren’t enough slots for ladies at the top. Think of who all could be involved. Ladies such as Piper Niven, Michin, Zelina Vega, Chelsea Green, Candice LeRae, and several others will need something in order to be involved in WrestleMania and this is the perfect way to do so. And if you’re looking for a favorite to win the first ever Chyna Memorial Battle Royal, look no further than Jade Cargill. The pieces are there. 2024 needs to be the year it happens. 

WrestleMania is all about big moments. Chyna played a part in several big moments of her own during the Attitude Era. It’s time for WWE to properly acknowledge her contributions to the game. That should come in the form of a HOF induction and the creation of a special match in her honor.