Brock Lesnar Re-Signing Causes Issues for WWE Creative


Brock Lesnar announced his plans to stay with WWE on Tuesday, eliminating rumors of a return to MMA.

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Prior to this news, many felt that Lesnar would drop his title to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. This would, in a way, act as the unofficial passing of the torch.

And while Lesnar appears to have committed to WWE for the long-term, his current role isn’t beneficial to the company. Right now he operates as a part-time superstar who wrestles only on pay-per-views.

This is fine for someone of his ability but not for someone who is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. If Lesnar retained his title on Sunday and stayed the course with his current role it could cause major issues within WWE if he continued on the path he is on.

For one, WWE Creative has pushed Roman Reigns to be the next big thing. And, while fans have had mixed emotions about his role on the card, it seems like a step back for the company to have him lose at WrestleMania.

Where would Reigns go after that? He’s been built far too high to be the guy that lost at WrestleMania. Fans doubts would be perpetuated further and he would, inevitably, lose a lot of traction within the company.

But, at the same time, Lesnar is simply too good to lose. He’s also been heavily built up (a lot of credit must go to Paul Heyman’s excellent promos) and appears to be unbeatable. It wouldn’t make sense for Lesnar to lose, either.

The only plausible way for this match to end smoothly for both sides is for someone to lose unfairly. This would all come from Heyman.

The ideal path for WWE Creative to take would be for Reigns to win and turn heel. This could happen by Heyman tripping up Lesnar causing Reigns to get a cheap win. Then, the following night, Reigns and Heyman will announce that they’ve been working together all along to screw over Lesnar.

Another way for things to work out is for Lesnar to win with the same scenario happening the other way around (Heyman tripping up Reigns). This would hopefully cause some sympathy among fans for Reigns, thus building his character up more.

All things aside, this feud should carry on past WrestleMania. While this is unusual, it doesn’t make sense for either superstar to lose and to go straight into another feud.

One thing is for sure, though. WWE Creative has their work cut out for them with this latest development. With the fate of two superstars’ fate at sake, this feud needs to be managed very carefully.

What do you think should happen Sunday?

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