WWE NXT: Why Monthly Live Specials Could Hurt the Brand


Could monthly live specials hurt WWE NXT?

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Earlier today, WWE announced the creation of multiple new programs for the WWE Network. However, one of them was not new, but more of an add-on.

WWE NXT usually has a live event ever 2-3 months to have matches that culminate feuds from those past 2-3 months. All the live specials have been excellent and showed what NXT can do. Part of WWE’s announcement today was that NXT would be airing a live special every month on a Wednesday. Here’s the note of it from PWInsider.

"NXT TAKEOVER – LIVE! – AIRS MONTHLY ON WEDNESDAYSThe future is here. WWE’s hottest up-and-coming Superstars compete to prove they’ve got what it takes. More than just evolution, it’s a revolution! Witness these WWE Superstars of tomorrow as they take over WWE Network with live two-hour specials."

While NXT is growing at a rapid pace, putting these live specials in place could threaten to saturate the product.

NXT is only a 1-hour show that airs weekly on Wednesday nights on the WWE Network. The wrestling is always quality and the promos are simple and to the point. The Superstars and Divas have also become insanely over, as seen by the San José and Columbus live events. Part of the reason they are so popular is because none of them are shoved down our throats like the main roster programming is guilty of doing. These monthly live specials would expose us to the NXT stars to a greater extent than we used to see them.

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  • The matches themselves are the next issue with these monthly live specials.

    When these feuds have 2-3 months to build, the end result (the match) is something that fans are very excited to see. Fans were thrilled to see Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn battle at NXT TakeOver: Rival after the two month build it received. The feud never got over-exposed, which kept fans excited for it. While we are going to get these two in a match again at some point, it will likely be over two months since we have seen them battle in the ring. Therefore, the hype and anticipation will still be there.

    If these live specials are going to happen monthly, having a feud last 2-3 months with a match at each one could lower the excitement around it.

    Like what WWE is forced to do – if a feud reaches a third month and takes place at a PPV/live special, there is usually some type of stipulation added. NXT rarely puts a stipulation on their matches because they have never called for it. Seeing the same matches over and over at live specials could force this. Would be be a bad thing? Maybe not, but NXT has thrived from not having to do this like WWE (see last year’s disappointing Bray Wyatt vs. Chris Jericho).

    The last thing is the possibility of NXT moving from 1 to 2 hours. While it has not been reported anywhere, it seems inevitable at some point as the brand rises in popularity. This would continue making NXT over-exposed.

    Are these live specials going to be a success initially? Probably. However, over time, the product could become saturated and lose the momentum that it has had for months. The signs are there that NXT is becoming its own brand and this is a step in that direction. How good or bad of a thing that is remains to be seen.

    On the other hand, NXT could continue to be great after these changes are made and this entire thought could be thrown out the window.

    What are your thoughts on WWE NXT continuing to expand? Let us know below.

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