How Close was Brock Lesnar to a UFC Return?


The WWE is the only place Brock Lesnar belongs at this point.

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He’s a former NCAA Division I Heavyweight Champion in wrestling, 4 Time World Heavyweight Champion in WWE and former UFC Heavyweight champion, making him the only man in history to accomplish those feats.

Standing at 6’3″ and weighing 295 lbs, he is one of the more gifted athletes of his generation, and that man is Brock Lesnar. 2015 was a memorable year for Lesnar because he was a highly sought after athlete becoming a free agent after WrestleMania 31.

Brock Lesnar was free to sign with UFC, Bellator or had the option of resigning with the company that perhaps caters to his strengths the most, World Wrestling Entertainment.

The question is how close was Brock Lesnar to a UFC return? According to UFC president Dana White, the UFC was never close to signing Lesnar.

"White recently told Chad Dukes of 106.7 the Fan in a interview,”Not very close at all.” “We’d known that Brock was probably going to take a pass and go back to wrestling, which was the right move. You know, Brock came in here, he did incredible things and he got a great deal from Vince. He’s 38 years old, man. It makes all the sense in the world.”"

Many in the media felt that Lesnar had done all he needed to do in fulfilling his contractual obligations with the WWE since his return to the organization in 2012 after a nasty split in 2004.

There was also speculation that Brock Lesnar wanted a chance to return to the world of Mixed Martial Arts and the organization that gave him a shot at a MMA career, UFC.

After a brief stint in New Japan Pro Wrestling as its IWGP Heavyweight Champion and failed attempt to make it in the NFL, Lesnar took a shot with MMA and I think its fair to say he made a great decision becoming UFC Heavyweight Champion in just his third professional fight defeating the legendary Randy Couture.

However, his reign and dominance was short-lived due to a serious health condition known as diverticulitis which is an intestinal disorder.

After two bouts of this and subsequently losing the title to Cain Velasquez followed by a beating at the hands of Allistair Overeem, he would retire from the Octagon and return to the place that made him a star, the WWE.

Lesnar is arguably the best athlete Vince McMahon has ever had and since his return in 2012, has been a box office draw and billed as an unstoppable beast.

Vince McMahon and the WWE where able to convince Brock Lesnar with a new 3 year deal, that WWE is where he belongs and with Lesnar working limited dates at his age, it provides him the luxury of being the family man he desires while staying out of the spotlight.

Despite his loss at WrestleMania 31, this summer Brock Lesnar will return from his WWE story-lined suspension fresh, healthy and ready to feast on the WWE roster.

Where do you think Brock Lesnar belongs? Was a UFC return a realistic option or contract ploy for leverage? Leave comments below.

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