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How next month’s WWE Night of Champions PPV should be booked.

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This past Monday on Raw, the main event for Night of Champions was drawn out before our very eyes. Sting will compete against Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. What’s weird about this whole thing is how Sting actually deserves a shot at the title. I mean he has had one match in the WWE, and he lost. So how is he next in line for a title shot? I believe that it’s just so Sting can say he has been a WWE Champion.

Sting will beat Rollins to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but just for a few minutes. The man who will actually be leaving the arena with the title is Sheamus, who will cash in his briefcase on a worn out icon who can hardly walk on his own power. Sure the fans will hate this move and will be sour that Sting only held the title for a few minutes, but just think of how may people will freak out for the two minutes Sting is actually champion. It’ll be legendary, and one of the unforgettable moments in WWE history.

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Speaking of Rollins, let’s not forget that he is also the United States Champion. This means that it’s probable he will pull double duty and defend both titles. In my opinion, John Cena shouldn’t have lost the US title in the first place. What he was doing for that belt was beneficial, it gave young guys opportunities to shine and even made some guys popular (Cesaro and Kevin Owens). Rollins as champion is just wasteful, because he will not defend it much.

WWE needs to correct their mistake and have Cena regain the championship at Night of Champions. His open challenges were some of the best things going on Raw, and it would be nice if those would continue. It would also make sense for Rollins to lose both belts on the same night, as it would be the beginning of the end of the Rollins/Authority angle. Speculation has been going on for months of a possible Triple H vs. Seth Rollins match. If it were to happen at Survivor Series, then the blueprint for it can begin at Night of Champions.

Going back to Raw this past Monday, fans were treated to a return so monumental that I’m pretty sure the Barclays Center started rocking. “The most decorated tag team in WWE history”, and I’m quoting JBL here, made their return after being gone for ten years. Of course I am talking about Bubba Ray and D-von, The Dudley Boyz. They made their presence known by taking out the current Tag Team Champions, The New Day.

Could we see these two collide at Night of Champions? I believe we will, but The Primetime Players will also be in the mix. Most tag team matches now seem to involve more than just two teams, but this is one I am actually looking forward to. But how could you make it epic? By making it a TLC match of course! It’s felt like forever since the last tag team TLC match, and I feel like we are overdue for one.

Now I wouldn’t have Devon and Bubba Ray win right away, but merely get PrimeTime Players out-of-the-way. That way The New Day and The Dudley’s can have two or three pay per view matches where it’s just them two teams squaring off, and culminating at Survivor Series where They become Tag Team Champions again. Their return excites me, because it has been speculated for so long that they would be coming back. Sure they aren’t the same as ten years ago, but they aren’t slowing down either. The Dudley Boyz fighting at Night of Champions instantly adds credibility to that pay per view, regardless of the outcome.

The final topic I will discuss is the Divas Championship, which has been held by Nikki Bella for 280 days. The record is currently held by AJ Lee, who left the company earlier this year. It’s no secret that WWE wants Nikki to break that record, and she more than likely will. On September 15th, she will officially break the record. That also means that we could FINALLY see a new Divas Champion crowned at Night of Champions since the record would already be Nikki’s.

The question is, who should beat her for it? I say Charlotte, who is without question the most talented Diva in WWE today. Some people will say Sasha Banks, but that’s a different discussion for a different day. Fans are tired of The Bella Twins being on top (no pun intended), and want to see a new face as “the face” of the Divas division. We may finally have our prayers answered on September 20th, and hopefully it’ll be the last time for a LONG time that a Bella is champion.

The Heel’s Final Thought: While this pay per view has never really lived up to the status of other pay per views, this year could be different. Now don’t get me wrong, SummerSlam was a great show, and the fans can see how the events WWE put on are getting better as time progresses. So seeing this trend continue to grow, is it possible that Night of Champions could be “BIGGER” than SummerSlam? Not only is it possible, but it is also probable.

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