Natural Heel Column: Analyzing Seth Rollins vs. John Cena Part II at Night of Champions


The face of WWE will go one-on-one with Seth Rollins in a rematch of SummerSlam at Night Of Champions.

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This past weekend, WWE put on their huge SummerSlam pay-per-view and man did it deliver! It was a solid show from start to finish with only a few moments that had you wishing it had gone differently. So many matches, titles changing hands, and jaws dropped throughout the arena. WWE really stepped up their game and delivered, surprises happened and that was refreshing. One big, history making moment was when Seth Rollins, who was already the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, defeated John Cena to attain the United States title, being the only person to ever hold both titles simultaneously. Many assumed this would set up a Night of Champions rematch from there.

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Pretty big deal. It also has me interested to see how this will play out in the future with title defenses, and to see what the company has up their sleeve with this angle. We now know Cena vs. Rollins part 2 will happen at Night of Champions. A show touted for having every single title defended on that night.

A world heavyweight title match has been set, Rollins vs. Sting, the Icon. Now, let’s make a note that this match is only for the world title and as the show says, every title will be defended in the 3 hour event. Wrestling fans know he is Hunter and Stephanie’s golden boy, so will he be able to weasel his way and retain two titles in the same-night?

This also brings to my mind the question of are they seeing that Rollins as world champion is not what is best for business after all, and maybe while he isn’t ready for the world title he can handle the US title. If he is forced to defend both belts, the US title would be the first to be defended that night.

After that match and then another match against the iconic Sting will have him worn down and out even if he managed to win both matches. This is the perfect opportunity for Sheamus, the current money in the bank holder to take advantage of a weakened Rollins and cash his briefcase in for a shot at the world title.

With Rollins being worn down, it would be an easy win for the Celtic Warrior. However, this could all be shaken up if, after beating Rollins, Sting jumps ship and attacks Sheamus upon his cashing in, preventing the win, and preventing the title changing hands.

The Heel’s Final Thought: It will be interesting to see where WWE goes with this and how they play it out. Will Rollins defend two? Will he retain two? Will there be a shake up and will we see new alliances formed or will we see an interference and be left hanging for a better conclusion?

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