WWE Night of Champions 2015: Best Ways for Sting, Seth Rollins to Win


Sting and Seth Rollins are set to face off for the WWE world heavyweight championship at Night of Champions on September 20th. What are the best ways for each competitor to walk out with the title?

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Seth Rollins has two of the biggest matches of his career coming up at WWE Night of Champions.

Rollins, who is the first to hold the United States and WWE world heavyweight championships at the same time, will defend both titles on Sept. 20.

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Oh yeah, did I mention that his two opponents are 15-time world champion John Cena and 10-time world champion Sting?

While it’s an amazing feat to fight both stars in the same night, will The Architect be able to retain either belt?

Sting is getting a shot at the WWE title in just his second match in the company.

The 56-year old veteran lost his first match in WWE to Triple H at WrestleMania 31, and most were shocked to see The Vigilante receive a title opportunity coming off a loss.

Make no mistake about it; there is no question that The Stinger deserves a shot, and a run, at the WWE title, as that’s the one major championship he has yet to hold in his illustrious career.

It would have been a shame if Sting never received a match for the title during his time with WWE.

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There is also no question that Rollins deserves to hold on to the WWE title longer to show that he is truly the future of the company. And what better way to show that he is the future with a win over one of the greatest of all-time.

After Sting’s promo on the Sept. 1 Raw, it seemed like The Vigilante was building up a Rollins-HHH match more than his match with Rollins.

It’s obvious that Rollins and Triple H are going to collide at some point; it is just the matter of when. So I expect HHH to play a big part in the outcome of this match.

While I will not be picking the winner of the match in this article (you can see my predictions for the entire Night of Champion card  Sept. 20 on Daily DDT), I will book how Rollins or Sting should walk out as the WWE champion.

It’s hard to imagine Sting losing to Rollins for title. Then again, it was hard to imagine Sting losing to Triple H at WrestleMania, so who knows?

If Rollins retains the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions, the best way for him to win would be via pin fall with the help of Triple H. After the win, Rollins should attack The Game after using his help.

Just as it looks like Sting is about to get the win, Triple H runs down to the ring to help out Rollins.

Typically HHH would not do this, but this is a different situation with the way Sting is trying to stop The Authority.

Sting has Rollins in the Scorpion Deathlock, and he drops him when he sees HHH come out. The two face off in the ring, and Rollins would turn Sting around and hit him with a Pedigree for the win.

After his victory, Triple H would hold up Rollins’ hand, signifying him the winner.

That’s when Rollins would hit Triple H with the Pedigree to set up his babyface run and feud with The Game.

If Sting were to win the WWE world heavyweight championship for the first time, it’s still hard to imagine Triple H not playing a role in the outcome.

The best way for Sting to win the title would be after Triple H attacks Rollins. It’s not ideal, but it makes sense.

Just when it looks like Rollins has the match in the bag after a back-and-forth battle, Triple H comes out to “congratulate” him just before his win.

Then HHH surprises Rollins with the Pedigree and Sting rolls over on Rollins to get the pin. HHH could stop a disqualification from the referee since he is the boss.

Another person to watch out for is Sheamus. Could Triple H have The Celtic Warrior in his game plan?

What do you think are the best ways for Sting and Rollins to win at Night of Champions? Do you think Triple H will play a big part in the outcome? Sound off below! Follow me on Twitter @GT_TeddyCouch.

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