WWE Hell in a Cell 2015: Should Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker Have Been Saved for WrestleMania 32?


The bitter feud between  Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker looks set to end in a Hell in a Cell match at the end of October, but should that match have been held off until WrestleMania 32?

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During the Night of Champions pay-per-view it was announced that Brock Lesnar would face The Undertaker inside the confines of the Hell in a Cell match. It will take place at the Hell in a Cell PPV on Sunday, Oct. 25th. The match is part of Lesnar’s “Go to Hell” tour and will apparently be the final encounter between the two men.

The previous two matches between the pair have been split. Lesnar beat Undertaker at WrestleMania 30 to break the streak of the Deadman. Taker got a somewhat controversial victory over Brock at this year’s WWE SummerSlam, beating him after apparently tapping out only moments earlier.

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This third match will be the decider in the series. Brock seemingly has the better of Undertaker, having basically beaten him twice already. Now, though, we head into a match that is what you could call Undertaker’s specialty. He’s faced and beaten plenty of top stars in this most brutal of matches. Everyone from Shawn Michaels, to Mankind, Edge and CM Punk. One of the few men to have beaten him is Lesnar in this same match way back in 2002 at WWE No Mercy, at a time when Lesnar was the WWE Champion.

But why hold the match next month and not hang on until WrestleMania 32 next year?

There’s a few things you have to take into account when answering that question.

Lesnar is one of the hottest properties on the companies roster right now. Despite the fact he isn’t around at every event, he’s one of those men that will draw fans and money when he makes an appearance. People are hot for the feud that he has with Undertaker and now could be the perfect time to benefit on that. If you hold onto the match for another six months or more, will people still care as much?

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  • We’ve already seen a massive gap between the first two matches the pair had, around 14 months, and for me, that was far too long to wait. Cash in on the popularity of the pair of them right now and give them the perfect platform for the feud ending match inside that cell.

    The timing of the match tells me that the company probably already has plans for them both come WrestleMania season. If Lesnar comes out of the Hell in a Cell match with a win, he’s automatically set himself for a match with whoever comes out of the event as the WWE Heavyweight Champion. Maybe the company have him penciled in to be champion come ‘Mania, or at least be challenging for the belt. Would it be believable to push Lesnar vs. Taker as a championship match? We’ve only just seen the outcome of another veteran vs. champion match and that didn’t end well for Sting.

    Now could be the ideal time to induct Undertaker into the WWE Hall of Fame. The last few years have seen some of the all-time legends of the sport inducted, but with WrestleMania 32 being held in Texas, this is the perfect opportunity to induct him in his home state. If you want to induct him, the last thing you want is for him to then have a brutal match, and probably lose, only a day after such a massive event.

    With this being the deciding match, the perfect place to hold that is inside Hell in a Cell. It more or less guarantees you a clear winner, rather than another screwy finish. It also helps you to sell the event. In the past it would be to sell PPV buys, but today, they come second to WWE Network subscriptions. With ‘Mania half a year away and the Royal Rumble only a few months before that, it will give them a boost on the subscription selling side of things.

    WrestleMania doesn’t need this kind of match to sell it to people. If Taker is going to be the marquee Hall of Fame inductee for 2016, he should be given a match to go out on a high, not be decimated by the Beast Incarnate.

    In short, this is the perfect time, the perfect match and the perfect end to what has been a brutal feud. Both men will, without a doubt, produce the goods inside that steel hell. We’ll hopefully see a happy ending for Undertaker but i think this will be the launchpad to put that shiny gold belt back around Brock Lesnar’s waist!

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