Is Seth Rollins Overexposed in WWE?


We look at the way that Seth Rollins is used in WWE and if he’s being over exposed to the point of becoming boring.

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Since Seth Rollins won the WWE World Heavy Weight Championship from Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania, via a Money in the Bank cash in and a pin on Roman Reigns, we’ve seen an awful lot of the former Shield man. Maybe too much.

When Brock held the belt we only saw him a handful of times. We saw him when we needed to, to hype a match or defend the belt, not on every show for nearly a quarter of every episode.

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Recently legendary WWE announcer Jim Ross tweeted and blogged about the over exposure of Rollins.

"If Seth Rollins doesn’t become the next “it” guy in WWE it won’t be for a lack of exposure. I’m a Rollins fan because I see some of the great, HBK in him at times. plus I admire Rollins work ethic. WWE is walking a thin line in overexposing Seth, IMO, but thus far he is holding up well but it won’t always be that way if Rollins continues to be all over the TV every week."

Since reading that you have to look at how he is used every week.

We see him in the majority of the opening segments of Raw talking for up to twenty minutes. After which he usually wrestles, is in many backstage segments and on the odd occasion he ends the show with a talking segment as well.

Now, I really like Seth Rollins but is this too much Seth Rollins?

I get that he needs to be on TV, but is the amount of time he has on-screen too much? If you book your top guy the way that Lesnar was booked, it makes the fans want to see him, his every appearance important, and desperate to see what he’s going to do next. When, seemingly, every week your top guy makes up around a third of your TV time, that’s when it’s time to maybe step him back a bit.

Seth is undoubtedly the future of the company in the same way Shawn Michaels was in the mid 1990’s. In the ring, he is probably the best all-around performer. He’s torn the house down with everyone from Lesnar to John Cena, with Neville in between. He’s comfortable wrestling any style, he can brawl, he can fly from the top rope and he’s got the technical prowess to keep up with any of his peers. When you place the microphone in his hand he has the ability to make the most scripted promo sound like he’s thinking of the words on the hop. All these things add up to him being the “franchise” in WWE. He now just needs to be booked a little less and made more important when we do see him.

In recent weeks, Seth has regularly wrestled two matches each night. While holding the Heavyweight and United States titles, Rollins has pulled double duty on numerous occasions, including at Night of Champions where he lost one belt but held on to the other. It has felt like he’s had men coming at him from all angles, challenging for both of his belts from some of the biggest names the company has to offer. Whilst handling those challenges he also has the little matter of the fractious relationship with The Authority, most notably Triple H. That battle is yet to come and will be one of the best feuds of his career.

As the top man in the company, Rollins has everything he needs to succeed. He is the standout performer in WWE of the last few years. He fully deserves the spot he’s been given. If you ask the majority of fans, they’d tell you that he’s the best thing on the show.

One thing that goes against him every time would be the amount of show opening promo’s he’s pushed in to. I fully understand the idea behind these happening every week, as it’s basically using them to set up the nights events and usually the main event match. These promos have less impact if the man making them doesn’t really have anything to say.

A couple of weeks ago Seth came to the ring on his own, spoke for pushing 15 minutes but didn’t really say a great deal. The crowd even broke into “boring” chants on a couple of occasions. If your man on the microphone doesn’t really have a reason to be out there talking, why bother making him do it? If you then have that same man feature in three or four backstage segments throughout the night, plus wrestling in a couple of matches he’ll soon get those “boring” chants every time we see him.

Seth gets through his matches the way his heel character should, he does everything he has to win. There’s nothing wrong with that because that’s what you expect from the heel champion.

15 years ago, we saw a similar situation with the aforementioned Triple H in the same position. He was the man who opened the show, featured in all the backstage stuff, wrestled the main event and was the champion. You can see why Seth is referred to as the new Triple H.

With a roster full of so many talented wrestlers there’s literally no reason to have one man take up so much screen time every single week. Take some of the time you give to Seth and let some of the under-card.

In short, if Seth continues to be on screen so much, if he wrestles multiple matches each week, if he has to be in the opening segment every week it won’t be long before the fans are so bored of seeing him that all the hard work he has put in will be worthless.

Is Seth Rollins over exposed in WWE? In one word, Yes.

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