Why Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt Feud is Smart to End Inside Hell in a Cell


The long running feud between the Wyatt Family and the team of Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose took another turn on last nights Raw. Should Roman and Bray face each other inside the Hell in a Cell? 

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Ever since Bray Wyatt cost Roman Reigns the opportunity to win the Money in the Bank match earlier in the year, the pair have been in a long running feud. It’s pulled in the Wyatt Family and Dean Ambrose, as well as many other WWE Superstars. There have been so many twists and turns along  the road for them both, but they now seem to be on a collision course to clash at the end of the month at Hell in a Cell.

The Cell is the perfect place for Reigns and Wyatt to face each other. On this weeks Raw we saw Roman asking for a match against Bray and for there to be no other members of the Wyatt family at ringside. When Bray was flanked by Brawn Strowman and Luke Harper it led to Reigns calling him a bitch on the microphone. Bray’s two followers left ringside and headed backstage and a good one on one match ensued. This was a tough match for both and one of the better Raw main events we’ve seen for a while, a good break from the usual men in that spot.

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The match ended in a double count out as both Wyatt and Reigns became embroiled in a brawl around the arena. It saw the unreal moment of Bray throwing a member of the WWE technical crew at Roman and then they both were driven through the barricade back to ringside. The show ended as Bray stood on the announce table in his signature pose at which point Reigns speared him through the table and both men lay in a heap, with the crowd jumping in a massive “YES YES YES” chant.

After watching how that match ended the only way this feud can now go is into the Hell in a Cell. The arena couldn’t hold them, but the massive Cell will. This match has to happen and this has to be the match to end the rivalry between them. It’s been a feud that has lasted the entire summer and Wyatt and Reigns have been the main protagonists. It has also drawn in so many others but the center of it has always been the rivalry between them, these two men have a massive role to play in the future of the entire company.

While this feud has, at times, been one of the best things on WWE TV, it is time to end it in a few weeks time. No outside interference, just two men inside that ring. We need to see this match end with a clean finish and the only way that can happen is inside the Cell. The fact that none of either man’s team mates came out in that main event on Raw indicates that WWE has finally realized that a one on one match is the way to go. They are both more than capable of pulling off one of the matches of the year in a few weeks time.

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This will be an all out war. If the ending of Raw shows you anything it’s that they are both ready to do anything to take out the other man, they are prepared to destroy each other to get the win. Both men would benefit from the winning pinfall in that match but I can see Reigns getting the three count and that being the start of his push to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Vince McMahon apparently wanted that to happen earlier in the year but the fans backlash against that idea put an end to that.

Wyatt does not need the win this match. He has the best backup in the company and probably the best character in wrestling at present, so wins and losses will not hurt him. Can anyone remember that loss to Undertaker at ‘Mania? The fact that Strowman and Harper faced the Prime Time Players in a tag match on Raw makes me feel that they’ll be part of the tag team division going forward with Bray possibly on the hunt for someone like John Cena and the United States title.

It’s time to see Reigns break out on his own. There’s also the potential for a monster heel run for him, the cocky bruiser in the mold of Rocky Maivia back in the day. The fans finally seem to be buying into him.

Roman Reigns was the man to main event WrestleMania against Brock Lesnar, I have a feeling that by the time WrestleMania rolls around again they will both be in that same spot again.

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