NXT TakeOver: Respect Results: Rhyno and Baron Corbin vs. Jason Jordan and Chad Gable


Which teams advanced to the finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: Rhyno and Baron Corbin or Jason Jordan and Chad Gable?

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In honor of Dusty Rhodes, this NXT Takeover special was title ‘Respect.’ Now, similar to a King of the Ring special, NXT fans are getting the final two rounds of the Dusty Rhodes tag team classic. One semi-final match featured a pair of big hosses, Rhyno and Baron Corbin, colliding for a couple of agile mat technicians, Chad Gable and Jason Jordan. Which team turned out ready, willing and Gable? Let’s see what went down and what I saw.

What Went Down

Both teams got huge pops for all their entrances. Jordan opened against Corbin with Jordan received ‘Jordan’ chants and Corbin receiving ‘Corbin sucks’ chants. Force vs force in the opening moments. Corbin tagged in Rhyno who immediately got outquicked by Jason Jordan. Gable tagged in via flip as “Gable” chants rang out in Full Sail. The crowd then chanted Gable with a Kurt Angle cadence. Rhyno began overpowering Gable though Gable proved pesky and tagged Jordan back in.

Jordan and Gable used frequent tags to try to slay Rhyno. Gable applied a brilliant armbar on Rhyno across the ropes, but then Rhyno knocked Gable out of the ring and tagged in Corbin who immediately brutalized him outside. The crowd urged Gable to fight back, but frequent Rhyno/Corbin tags were proving too much. With Corbin cleaning house, the ref insured Jordan would stay out of the ring while Corbin had a cover. Rhyno then tagged in and missed a headbutt from the top rope setting up hot tags to Jason Jordan and Baron Corbin. Jordan immediately dominated cleaning house with dropkicks and side suplexes. He peeled off the singlet straps and speared Corbin in the corner. Pandemonium then broke out with each wrestler taking out the next as the crowd was lapping it up. “NXT” chants made an appearance and Gable almost pinning Baron with a German suplex and bridge, but Corbin kicked out and Rhyno speared Jason Jordan. Corbin then reversed another Gable reversal to land End of Days and the pin.

What I Saw

Noticed how Jordan and Gable came out together. Rhyno and Corbin came out separately. While the crowd was hot for Gable and Jordan, it was Corbin and Rhyno who proved more like a team with frequent tags and surprisingly complementary styles.  The match was pushing a B+ until the final minutes took the match to a new level. The crowd genuinely loved Gable and Jordan who many thought would win the whole Classic. Rhyno & Corbin winning was a surprise as the two finalists are essentially thrown together teams. The loss may have actually put Jordan and Gable more over than if they won. The energy from Jason Jordan was at an all-time high.

Grade:  A

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