Total Divas Season 5, Episode 3 Recap: New Diva Arrives, R-Truth Doesn’t Like Cats


What happened on Tuesday night’s episode of Total Divas?

The third episode of season five of Total Divas is here. Last Tuesday’s episode saw some ongoing drama between Nikki Bella and Dolph Ziggler. John Cena was made aware about this but seemingly did not mind. He also changed his mind on the possibility of marrying her. What would happen on Tuesday?

This Total Divas episode opens with Eva Marie is now seemingly back on the road with the WWE Divas. The Bella Twins confront her to begin the show and talk about their past problems. They aired them out and are seemingly on good terms.

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The Divas are called into a meeting at one of the TV tapings by Mark Carrano. They get introduced to a new Diva in Mandy, who is better known as Amanda Saccomanno from the recent season of WWE Tough Enough. She finished as a runner-up to Sara Lee on the female side of the game.

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Everyone was flabbergasted by Mandy being the newest the newest Diva, especially Paige, who was a judge on the show. The two had traded verbal jabs multiple times.

Eva goes to Mandy and says they should be a tag team together in NXT, which is a scary thought. That sounds like a firestorm of heat written all over it.

On a car ride, Alicia Fox opens up about her strong disliking for Eva while she is in the car. Foxy asks why she should give any attention towards All Red Everything, which turns the enviroment awkward.

The Bella Twins get offered a deal to be the face of food company commercials. Brie says she would have to sleep over this while Nikki wants to be part of it. It leads to a brief discussion.

Later on, Nikki tries convincing Brie again with doing mock commercials. Brie responds by squirting water from a hose at her sister, basically saying no.

Nikki is seen talking to John Cena about Brie not wanting to do the food commercial. She asks Mr. HLR about it, who says Nikki should be pursuing this on her own if her sister and Daniel Bryan want to do their own thing.

At the end of the episode, Nikki tells Brie that she’s fine with what she believes in.

Tyson Kidd quickly begins to fall sad due to his neck injury. He is seen sitting on the couch watching his old WWE matches and refuses to get up and turn the TV off to do something with Natalya.

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Natalya ends up putting together a surprise party for Kidd and invites his friends. Tyson gets home early, though, and destroys the surprise party. Big E, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth all come to the party. Truth is very afraid of cats and when one of them escapes a cage, it sends him sprinting out of the house.

Truth would confront Kidd and ask him if he was depressed, to which he denied. He goes to Natalya and asks her about this, to which she initially denies. The former WWE Tag Team Champion says for her not to talk about him being down to other people and to not feel bad.

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Natalya and Truth go outside to talk about this. He tells her that Kidd isn’t depressed and doing this “feel bad” party may have hurt his ego. To close the show, Nata

To close the show, Natalya has a picnic with Kidd in their backyard. She tries apologizing and he accepts, saying he will tell her if there’s anything wrong with him.