Dean Ambrose Turning Heel on Roman Reigns Has Disastrous Implications


Turning Dean Ambrose heel has the potential to be a mess for WWE that they will not clean up.

Since the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, the booking of Dean Ambrose has been impeccable. He was last person to be eliminated during the Royal Rumble match and has had sympathy built for him over the past few weeks. It has ignited the fire that was last seen with the Lunatic Fringe during his chase of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from Seth Rollins last spring.

With each time that Ambrose has looked to stand up to Brock Lesnar, it has created support because people want to see this fan-favorite tame this monster that has been tearing through WWE for years. Dean is your average looking man while the Beast Incarnate is what his nickname describes him as—a beast

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So when Ambrose walks up to Lesnar and challenges him to a fight, it riles everyone up. It succeeded as recently as Monday night.

However, on the same evening, one low blow may have foreshadowed something potentially damaging—a heel turn.

During Ambrose’s second encounter with Lesnar on Raw, he got hit with an F5. This led to Dean wanting the former Next Big Thing to come back to the ring for more, until Roman Reigns’ music hit.

With Brock distracted, Ambrose quickly hit a low blow, shades of The Undertaker last summer, and slithered away in pain. It was the first sign of a possible major character change that is not needed.

Most fans assume that Roman Reigns is going to win the Fastlane main event to face Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 32, which is fine. The forcing of making the wrong guy the babyface and the right guy the heel is what’s baffling about this situation.

On most episodes of WWE TV, Ambrose is getting massive pops for his entrances. It happened both times on Raw, which rarely occurs anymore because once the live audience sees someone once, they have had enough. The WWE Universe wants to see someone different, something fresh to cheer for. The former CZW star is that guy every time because he differentiates from the WWE norm, which is guys like Reigns—a tall, broad, muscle man who can crack a smile and has superhero-like abilities. Ambrose is the anti-hero, somewhat similar to a “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. They want to liberalize everything and go down fighting, which he did with Lesnar.

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What WWE may realize but is seemingly turning a blind eye to is if and when Ambrose turns heel on Reigns, the crowd is going to pop like something rarely seen. They not only want to see these two feud but to have Roman being laid out is something the “smarks” will love.

However, those same fans will also be cringing at the sight of their beloved Lunatic turning heel. They want to cheer for him but now WWE is telling them to root for Reigns, who hasn’t had the organic reaction that Ambrose has drawn. It’s a problem that is set to become exponential.

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There is always the chance of WWE pulling a ruse and making Reigns the heel in a potential feud. Given the booking of him since The Shield’s split in Jun. 2014, though, this seems unlikely. The former football player is going to become the company face whether fans approve or not.

Following Dean Ambrose through Fastlane and WrestleMania 32 will be fascinating to watch because we don’t know what he will be doing. It’s not going to be the main event at AT&T Stadium, so what’s next for him? Is the heel turn happening sooner than we think?