Total Divas Season 5, Episode 4 Recap: Eva Marie Heatseeker


What happened on Tuesday night’s episode of Total Divas?

The latest episode of Total Divas aired on Tuesday night. It featured a bit of fallout from last week’s episode and also developed new storylines. The Bella Twins were the focus of the show, talking about their work with Maria Shriver. What would occur from this situation?

The episode opens with Natalya and Renee Young talking about cats and Tyson Kidd.

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The Bella Twins are seen meeting Maria Shriver and Patrick Schwarzenegger at an event called “Best Buddies”. They talk to Maria about their foundations and promise to help each other out. Nikki and Brie go up to the podium at the official event the next day and kick off the “Best Buddies” bike ride.

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Alicia Fox reveals to Paige and Rosa Mendes that her boyfriend has an ex-girlfriend living with him. Paige and Rosa say it’s not the best thing to be happening but Fox is fine with it. Rosa tells Foxy that for only $3.99, she can do a background check on this guy online. She finds out the guy lied about his age.

Mandy talks to Natalya about Eva Marie mentioning doing a “Red and Gold” team. However, she gets warned that it has happened before with Summer Rae.

At the WWE Performance Center, we see Eva train in the ring with Mandy and Tough Enough winner Sara Lee watching. Eva then meets Mandy’s boyfriend. They go to Eva’s apartment later and she talks about the negative reaction she draws from the NXT fan base.

Fox goes to her boyfriend’s house and confronts him about the age. He says his friend said he’s 45, when he was actually 50. This led to Alicia storming out of the guy’s house, ripping her mic off and driving away.

Fox, Rosa and Paige go out for a drink and food to “celebrate” being away from the boyfriend. She then received flowers, which angered Rosa and Paige.

Later on, we see Mandy watching Eva’s match at an NXT taping. She gets booed but Mandy feels she’s doing better in the ring. Mandy asks Eva about the heat she gets but Ms. All Red Everything gets offended by it.

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Mandy’s boyfriend then talks to her about this, trying to give some advice. Mandy tries clearing things up with Eva, and she accepts an apology.

Nikki tells Brie and two friends that she booked a speaking engagement and transformed her look to appear professional. Brie tries to get Nikki to stand up and speak to them but it gets her mad.

At a vendor event, Brie talks to her mom about comments made to Nikki earlier about being professional. Her mom says it wasn’t the best idea to call her out about her looks.

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Nikki goes to a meeting with John Cena to discuss speaking engagements. She then gets a chance to speak in front of a group at an event to close Total Divas.

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