WWE SmackDown: Heel Jerry Lawler is Best for Business


Jerry Lawler’s return to heel commentary is another thing to make SmackDown great.

One of the best aspects of the beloved Attitude Era was the commentary duo of Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

The two knew how to put over the competitors and the action in the ring. Ross, the southern encyclopedia of wrestling knowledge, would call the match and put over all wrestlers as gladiators and warriors. Lawler did his part too: the King of Memphis Wrestling got legitimate heel heat.

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Over the past decade or so, the announcing teams have changed and jumbled. Lawler turned face, taking the claws out of his previously poignant commentary

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Recently on SmackDown, Lawler has had a change of heart. He has reverted back to his heel ways alongside Mauro Ranallo and Byron Saxton. And that is absolutely the best thing for business.

Lawler legitimately knows how to be a heel commentator. His style works best as a heel, as now babyfaces are the targets of his one-liners and zingers. Instead of sounding like a dad trying to be cool, Lawler now comes off as a legitimate jerk.

Lawler’s change back to his heel roots has made him more enjoyable for SmackDown viewers:

He makes snide comments that are memorable. Two weeks ago he kept calling United States Champion Kalisto a Mexican mosquito. This week he said his cat has coughed up better hair than AJ Styles has.

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The future for SmackDown is to make it a wrestling-focused show with Ranallo calling the moves and Lawler getting some heat. Sorry to say, but Byron Saxton should be gone and relegated to just being on RAW or back to NXT. A two-man booth will give many fans fond memories of the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression eras. Allow Lawler and Ranallo to continue to grow as a tandem and get Saxton out of the picture.

Lawler was feeling like a guest who can’t get the hint to leave. Now that he is heel, he’s back to being someone viewers can appreciate.

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He’s even totally committed to kayfabe: he cemented his heel turn by endorsing Donald Trump for President.

Lawler as a full-blown heel alongside Ranallo is the perfect future for SmackDown’s broadcasts.