NJPW Should Sign Wade Barrett


With Wade Barrett set to leave WWE, New Japan Pro Wrestling should capitalize on this by signing him. 

News surfaced this week when multiple sites reported that Wade Barrett is set to leave WWE when his contract ends. Barrett has claimed that WWE’s lack of creative for him is the reason why he is content with leaving. His contract is due to be overcome July, once his contract ends he’ll be a free agent able to sign where he chooses.

If Barrett wishes to continue his wrestling career, he should continue it with arguably the hottest wrestling promotion on the planet right now, New Japan Pro Wrestling. Many people think automatically if you leave WWE, your only other option is TNA. However, TNA seems to be the place where former WWE wrestlers go to have their career die.

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Still relatively young and not strapped to any personal commitments Barrett should strongly consider going to NJPW. One of the bonuses that working for NJPW is that Barrett can also work for other promotions such as ROH, and RPW in England (Barrett’s home country). Barrett would be able to stay current in the states working for ROH and be able to wrestle in front of his home fans for RPW.

NJPW over the last few years has been very strong with their booking, especially with foreign talent. Gedo and Jado who have been booking NJPW for the last few years have been praised by notable publications such as the Wrestling Observer Newsletter as being the top bookers in all of wrestling.

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With that in mind, any type of fears or issues about booking should be erased from Barrett’s mind. Also, the current talent in NJPW is arguably the best in the world right now. With stars such as Kazuchika Okada, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Hirooki Goto, Tetsuya Naito, Tomohiro Ishii and many more, the matches Barrett could have would be incredible.

With The Bullet Club in NJPW, Barrett could easily join the faction and become one of the top stars in the faction with Gallows, Anderson and Styles all gone from NJPW. With tournaments such as the G1 Climax and major pay per view’s Barrett can continue to hold his craft and still stay relevant in the wrestling world.

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As we’ve seen with stars such as Alberto Del Rio, sometimes leaving WWE for a period is the best thing to do for your career. Barrett can leave for a few years then come back as a hot commodity just like Del Rio did. As we’ve seen with AJ Styles if you can become a star in Japan, you can become one in WWE. A fresh new start in New Japan Pro Wrestling is exactly what Wade Barrett needs.