Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady Should Stay in WWE NXT a Bit Longer


As Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady are making appearances at main roster tours for WWE, it is best the two stay in NXT for a little bit longer.

The extremely popular tag team of Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady have developed quite the cult following within WWE’s NXT developmental system for the past year or so. So much that the two have been brought up to tour with the main roster at a few events, which will naturally stir up some rumors about when they will eventually debut on Monday Night Raw or Thursday Night SmackDown.

While nothing is set in stone, it seems like there is a possibility the two might be coming up in time for this year’s WrestleMania. While it’s great that they are on the cusp of being elevated to the WWE’s main roster, it’s a bit worrisome the timing of everything.

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One thing to consider is asking why the WWE would want to bring up the young tag team before WrestleMania. Are they planning to have them start a feud for the WWE Tag Team Championships against the New Day? While it would be very entertaining to watch the promos cut between the two teams, it’s probably not the right move at this time.

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Sure, the WWE tag team division is struggling a little bit with only a handful of teams that are in the mix for that championship bronze (well, it isn’t actually gold now is it?). And the New Day has already topped the Dudley Boys and the Usos; maybe they can face the eventual team of Goldust and R-Truth.

That booking with a little more than a month before the biggest show of the year will feel rushed and not have the quality of presentation it could have. It would be better for Amore and Cassady to make their WWE main roster debuts sometime after WrestleMania and closer to the summer so that they can be slowly developed and the fan base can grow more towards what could be an eventual WWE Tag Team Championship run.

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Another thing to consider is that the team of Amore and Cassady haven’t accomplished everything they possibly can in NXT. They haven’t won the tag titles down there and it would feel like a missed opportunity if they don’t carry the (actual) gold down there, even for a month or two.

NXT also has a very strong tag team division that helps make them as popular as they are now. With the NXT brand touring around the country like they have this year, and that schedule is likely to grow more in 2016, the WWE shouldn’t have all of their top stars leave the brand at once. There are already talks of either Samoa Joe or Finn Balor making the move, along with Sami Zayn probably finishing up his time in development to start a long-awaited feud with long-time friend and rival Kevin Owens.

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Maybe the WWE believes Amore and Cassady are ready to make the jump to the main roster and whenever they do make their debuts, they will have no trouble adapting to their new surroundings. But the question really is whether NXT will be ready for the eventual transition of their current top stars in the singles, women’s and tag team divisions.