Dark Dean Ambrose is Best for Business


Dean Ambrose receiving the barbed wire bat from Mick Foley might what pushes him into a mental advantage over Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32.

There was something special last night on Raw when Hall of Fame inductee and hardcore wrestling legend Mick Foley was on camera next to Dean Ambrose – less than three weeks away from the Lunatic Fringe’s WrestleMania 32 match with Brock Lesnar.

Foley talked to Ambrose about how he was going to have to go back to that deep, dark recess of his mind and bring out the Ambrose that was involved in some extremely violent matches before coming to WWE. It was also a passing of the torch when Foley left a present for Ambrose – the barbed wire bat that Foley famously used in many of his classic bouts.

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Sidenote: It’s funny how we finally see these two superstars cross paths because it was believed that Ambrose was going to debut in a feud with Foley back in 2012; however, Foley couldn’t get the medical clearance to perform in what would have been a classic hardcore street fight.

However, fans won’t complain about the moment despite how these two started a large amount of social media buzz for a match that likely won’t happen – never say never, though.

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Back to the point of Ambrose preparing for Lesnar. What Foley said was true – Ambrose needs to have the personality he, as Jon Moxley, had during bloody matches that featured just about every imaginable weapon in wrestling and a few obscure items that are foreign to the average wrestling fan (bringing a new meaning to the term “foreign object.”)

Before the days of NXT as wrestling fans know it today, Dean Ambrose was a star with a cult following during his time in WWE’s former developmental system with Florida Championship Wrestling between 2011 and 2012. Ambrose was entering the world of sports entertainment after independent professional wrestling made him a hardcore icon through matches in Combat Zone Wrestling and other promotions.

Back in FCW, Ambrose didn’t have to bleed to entertain fans. He had his own promo gold with his dark and mentally twisted character that would rival the recent promo work of Lesnar’s advocate Paul Heyman. Personally, having the Ambrose from his independent days would add so much more excitement for the No Holds Barred Street Fight in Dallas, Texas.

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It’s also the best way to book Ambrose as someone who could legitimately defeat Lesnar because up until this point, he hasn’t looked strong against the Beast Incarnate. Sure, Lesnar is borderline superhuman and would typically defeat Ambrose in almost every match if under normal stipulations. But adding weapons with no disqualifications and no count outs does provide a little bit of balance in the feud.

However, Ambrose needs to become more deranged and even more mentally unstable than what has been seen on WWE television; which has been more of a PG-friendly face that doesn’t quite go over the edge. For Ambrose to have a chance at winning, he needs to join the dark side and that could have long-term effects that lead to him being a heel.

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Being bad might not be so, well, bad, for Ambrose because it could also lead to other fresh feuds in WWE. But for the time being, the change has to start over the next few weeks as fans start learning more about the Ambrose of the past and how brutal his background truly is.