WWE SmackDown: Live Spoiler Report for Mar. 17


WWE SmackDown was taped in Cincinnati, OH this week at US Bank Arena, here is a summary of what happened.

WWE SmackDown was in Cincinnati for Thursday night’s taping and I happened to be ringside for the event.  As always it was a very entertaining 3 hours of sports entertainment with appearances from Chris Jericho, Roman Reigns, AJ Styles, and Cincinnati’s own, Dean Ambrose.

The show featured a dark match to kick things off between Tyler Breeze and Jack Swagger.  It was a good quick match that saw Swagger go over. Tyler Breeze had near zero response from the crowd which is never a good thing.  Then Main Event taping started and was a very good episode that saw the Lucha Dragons take on the Ascension, Paige versus Summer Rae, and the main event of Sami Zayn vs Stardust.

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Then SmackDown began with a promo with Roman Reigns.  The acoustics in US Bank Arena are not the best so I didn’t hear a lot of what Roman Reigns said but it was mainly about how he will defeat Triple H at WrestleMania.  Two interesting things out of this promo.  First, the crowd once again was split though the boos seemed to win out.  This is much different than last fall when SmackDown came to Cincinnati when he was overall cheered.  Secondly, he no longer came out of the crowd but instead from the ramp.  This could be the hint of an upcoming heel turn.

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The next major storyline of the night featured Dean Ambrose cutting promo’s on Brock Lesnar from around the city.  The first promo was of Dean overlooking downtown Cincinnati from DeVou Park in Covington, KY.  Next he was seen in a bar ordering a Cincinnati beer.  Finally, he came into the ring with a kendo stick hitting each of the Social Outcasts with it clearing the ring so he could cut a final promo on Brock Lesnar.  Big news from that is Brock Lesnar will be on SmackDown next week.

No WWE event could be great without The New Day.  And once again they delivered excellence.  The face turn is completely on as Kofi Kingston faced King Barret with all the members of The League of Nations and New Day at ringside.  This was a fun match that Kofi won and New Day quickly left the ring.  Before the match a classic New Day promo was cut where they accepted the League Of Nations’ challenge for WrestleMania and compared them to trash.

Finally, SmackDown featured an awesome main event of AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens.  AJ probably got the third biggest pop of the night behind Dean Ambrose and New Day.  The match was a very good match that saw Chris Jericho interfere by distracting AJ Styles and allowing Kevin Owens to hit the pop up powerbomb.

The match then ended with Jericho hitting the Code Breaker and then doing a mocking AJ Styles chant as he stood over AJ.  This may be where TV ends as Kevin Owens then came back into the ring and Dean Ambrose came back out for the save.  Him and AJ cleaned house then Ambrose got on the mic asking for a cheese coney, which no one unfortunately had.  Then him and AJ celebrated with the fans and signed autographs and took photos.

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Here are the full results of the night below:

Dark match

  • Jack Swagger defeated Tyler Breeze

Main Event

  • Lucha Dragons defeated The Ascension.
  • Paige defeated Summer Rae, then Lana attacked Paige after the match.
  • Sami Zayn defeated Stardust.


  • Dolph Ziggler defeated The Miz.
  • Bubba Ray Dudley defeated Goldust.  After the match the Dudley’s continue to attack Goldust and R-Truth comes out to try to make the save to no avail, then The Uso’s come out and make the save.
  • Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks all have a promo where Charlotte tries to get Becky and Sasha to fight but they both attack Charlotte.
  • Kofi Kingston defeated King Barrett.
  • Kevin Owens defeated AJ Styles.

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What did you think of these SmackDown results?