WWE Should Sign Bobby Roode for NXT


With the news of Bobby Roode, leaving TNA, WWE and the NXT brand should capitalize on this by signing him. 

Major news came yesterday as it was announced and confirmed that Bobby Roode and Eric Young were leaving TNA. Roode, who has been a mainstay with the promotion since around its inception back in 2002, leave comes as huge shock. He has accomplished virtually everything possible in the promotion.

Roode has won the TNA World Championship multiple times as well as forming arguably the greatest tag team in TNA history, Beer Money, with James Storm. With nothing left to accomplish there, it makes sense for the Canadian to look for new goals somewhere else.

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With Roode a free agent, now is the time for him to finally go to WWE, specifically the NXT brand. For the past year, NXT has been bringing in former TNA talent. First with Samoa Joe, then more recently with Austin Aries. Both were originally brought in to help enhance the younger stars like Finn Balor and Baron Corbin.

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However, because of their popularity and strengths in the ring and on the microphone, both are now envisioned to join the main roster, with Joe apparently joining the roster in the very near future.  This could be the same path that Roode could have as well.

In NXT, Triple H is constantly looking to bring in top talent with a following to help enhance the talent, throwing in the incentive that if they work out they could potentially join the main roster. A recent example of this was Rhyno. The Man Beast came back specifically to work on NXT.

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Rhyno did so well down in NXT, he was awarded by being set up to the main roster for a short time. Had he not decided to run for political office in Michigan, many believe he would still be up on the main roster. This could be the same path for Robert Roode.

It’s a shame that Storm elected to leave NXT to go back to TNA. A great way to use Roode would’ve been to have him and Storm tag as Beer Money in NXT. One thing the NXT roster lacks at the moment is a veteran tag team to work with the younger teams, like Enzo & Cass, The Revival and American Alpha. Having this TNA duo work with these teams would’ve been a great way to use Roode. Beer Money could’ve then joined the main roster to feud with teams like The New Day, The Usos and The Dudleys.

Roode could go down to NXT and really help out the brand by going on tour with them and working with the younger stars on the roster. At age 39, his chances of getting a run in WWE, are becoming less and less by the moment. With him being a free agent, now is the time to finally go to WWE.

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If Bobby Roode impresses in NXT, he could be on the main roster, by the end of the year. Now is the time for him to finally come to WWE.