Roman Reigns Should Turn Heel After Retiring The Undertaker


Fans believe Roman Reigns committed the ultimate sin in WWE by retiring the Undertaker at WrestleMania 33.

The question is will the company follow through on transitioning Roman Reigns over to the dark side?  As if many needed any more reason to hate the Big Dog, Reigns pinned Taker in the main event of WrestleMania 33 on Sunday night.  There are no doubts that if there is any time to pull the trigger on turning Reigns full blown heel, it is now that WrestleMania has passed.

Reigns showed promise and potential as the bad guy in the match last night.  His confidence and cocky attitude was displayed throughout the match.  Towards the end, he was like the predator, playing with his prey before he finished Taker for good.  When he finally put Taker out of his misery, fans were left shocked and even more so, when Taker symbolically retired in the middle of the ring.

There is no turning back for Reigns now that the match has been decided.  There needs to be a dominant direction for Reigns and that is being heel.  There is absolutely no way Reigns will be in a babyface role and win the support of fans.  Putting Reigns back into the grey areas he has been housed in will be career suicide.  Reigns is indeed headed for immortality and now he has Taker’s retirement stamped in bold letters on his resume.  That stigma won’t go away and fans aren’t going to forgive Reigns for a long time.

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Tonight will prove to be interesting to see what Reigns has to say on Raw.  The direction he will be going in needs to be clear; the booking for him now has to be top notch.  Taker’s passing of the torch will play a big factor in years to come for Reigns, and that is more ammo than Negan’s army that Reigns has in his arsenal.  It’s an instant heat generator – less is more in Reigns’ case when it comes to his promo work.  All he has to do is remind fans of retiring Taker.

Even more interesting is what exactly is next for Reigns?  Again, there is no turning back from last night.  With his confidence and cockiness boosted, will he go after Brock Lesnar next?  The change in attitude will certainly factor in if he challenges the Beast Incarnate.  I hate to say it but he may be the next coming of Randy Orton’s “Legend Killer” gimmick if that is the way things will look heading into SummerSlam.  Reigns becoming the Universal Champion will happen sooner rather than later. Dethroning Lesnar will generate even more heat from the WWE faithful.

Being Raw’s top heel is the destination for Roman Reigns and retiring the Undertaker was the start of it.  While fans have a variety of reasons as to why they don’t like Reigns – all of them have a universal reason why now.  The discussion should be put to rest.  The company may have justified the fan’s lack of support for him.

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But now it is his yard and he is the hot topic coming out of WrestleMania 33.  What the company does from here is crucial.  Once more, there is no turning back.  Reigns evolved last night, and the company would be crazy if they pull him back once more.  Let the Big Dog go and watch him propel into the history books.  This may just be the greatest thing that could have happened to Reigns.  It just had to be at the expense of The Undertaker.