WWE WrestleMania 33: 5 Worst Moments

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1. Bray Wyatt Dropping the WWE title

WWE stood true to the promised new era when Roman Reigns faced the Undertaker. However, they would conveniently choose to forget it where it mattered the most. In the New Era, Bray Wyatt should not have dropped the WWE title to Randy Orton. That one moment spoiled a major portion of the excitement WrestleMania 33 built up until then.

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Many members of the WWE universe would have been looking forward to Wyatt’s coronation. However, we could have perhaps witnessed yet another downfall for the Eater of the Worlds. Of course, he would receive his customary rematch. But would it do him any good? One would have to be afraid that Wyatt’s time at the top of the mountain is over for now. Moreover, this would come after he put down Cena and Styles and defended his title successfully.

Did a veteran like Randy Orton really need a 13th title win? While it is true that Orton has never had a worthy WrestleMania moment for himself, WrestleMania 33 should have been Wyatt’s. This could undoubtedly be the worst moment of the entire night. Yes, the Undertaker retired. However, that could best be described as inevitable. He could have gone out with a win but that is a whole different story.

When WWE is looking for ways to build towards the future, Wyatt’s loss is a red mark. On a night where the legendary figure of Undertaker put himself to rest in peace, creative could have opted for the coronation of the new prince of darkness finally. However, WrestleMania would once again prove to be a disappointing outing for Wyatt. He has lost to Cena and Undertaker in the past and everyone would remember what happened last year.

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If only creative would make better use of the Eater of the Worlds? 20 years from now, he could have been the one to end his legendary career. Instead, at this rate, Wyatt could fall into obscurity ten years from now.