WWE Money in the Bank 2017: 5 Early Predictions to Win

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1. Baron Corbin

Topping the potential list of candidates is Baron Corbin, who has had a taste of the WWE Championship scene on SmackDown. However, he’s yet to headline a PPV or hold the title.

Corbin’s inclusion in the Money in the Bank picture stems from the reported main event and top heel push he’s getting later this year. It would place him in the title hunt, but doesn’t say if there are plans for him to go forward with the belt.

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However, if there’s a place for Corbin to continue his ascension, it’s Money in the Bank. He can win the briefcase and set up the eventual cash-in on Orton, or whoever may be the WWE Champion. It wouldn’t draw the overwhelmingly positive reaction that nearly every cash-in gets, since fans usually love to see the shocking moment of someone knocking the titleholder from their pedestal. That has been seen with Seth Rollins and Sheamus in 2015 and Dean Ambrose in 2016.

Corbin’s reaction usually revolves around boos, so if he cashes in on someone like Styles at Battleground or SummerSlam, he’ll get jeered out of the building. It will give him instant heel heat, and set up a World title run for a fall season that WWE uses to test the atypical stars.

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With two months until Money in the Bank, who are the best options to win the briefcase? Do you think someone is already penned in to claim a future World title opportunity?