WWE NXT Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for April 26

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Is This Episode of WWE NXT Must-Watch?

An add-on to our review is going to feature a segment called “Is This Episode of WWE NXT Must-Watch?” Because as this show has developed over the past six-to-nine months, a criticism has been that the weekly program isn’t must-watch anymore.

Riot and Cross’ brawls were fun to watch, but since you’re likely going to hear about it in future episodes, you’ll have no issue catching up. That could happen as soon as the battle royal.

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McIntyre and Black’s showcases matches were entertaining, but nothing show-stealing. It may take a while before these two are put in meaningful showcases — maybe after TakeOver: Chicago.

The video on Strong was terrific, but most of it is already on YouTube. It takes part of the reason out of watching this show.

This week’s main event of Gallagher vs. Bate is probably the one thing to go out of your way to watch. It’s a dose of the United Kingdom Division, which isn’t seen much since the weekly show hasn’t come to fruition. So, if you became a Bate fan after the UK Tournament, then this is your latest opportunity to see him.

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We’ll say this is a somewhat worthwhile edition of WWE NXT to go back and watch, most of which is based on the main event. It won’t stick out on the road to TakeOver, but is quality enough to showcase a few talents and tell us some of what will be seen over the next four weeks.