WWE Raw: Goldust, R-Truth Feud a Fun Change of Pace


The recent feud between R-Truth and Goldust on WWE Raw, has been a breath of fresh air after spending so long as enhancement talent.

If you had told anybody at the top of the year that a rivalry between Goldust and R-Truth would be one of WWE’s most fun rivalries in 2017, they probably would have laughed. But for a lot of fans, that statement has actually proven true this month.

For anyone who’s been a fan of professional wrestling for any lengthy period of time, you’ll know quite well that sometimes the biggest breath of fresh air that the product can offer you is when it doesn’t take itself too seriously at all.

Sure, at times there is nothing more riveting than seeing two powerhouses like Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe trade blows in the center of the ring, or seeing high-flyers like Jeff Hardy or AJ Styles put their bodies on the line as they soar through the air.

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At the heart of it, however, pro wrestling has always had a large element of wackiness to it that when harnessed correctly, can be extremely fun to watch.

It embodies the sense of escape that comes with immersing yourself in the world of professional wrestling for a couple of hours out of your day, and the recent feud between Goldust and R-Truth has been able to capture that.

Make no mistake, this rivalry isn’t going to heavily impact WWE or any of its championship pictures anytime soon, and it’s probably not going to be heavily rated when the two inevitably square off.

But when it comes to two men like Goldust and R-Truth – whom boast 29 and 20 years respectively in the wrestling industry – it’s always going to be entertaining to see two veterans go out there, have fun and really showcase what they can do with their larger-than-life, highly exaggerated on-screen personalities.

What makes it even better is that they’re able to do so without much care for wins, losses, who’s getting pushed or who comes out looking strong.

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Despite their impressive track records, fans had grown pretty complacent over the last couple of years with regards to Truth and Goldust appearing solely as a sideshow tag-team act, used more often than not as enhancement talent.

Ever since Goldust turned on R-Truth on the May 15 edition of Raw, however, we have been able to see what these two men are capable of without much of a filter, and without the implication that they’re there to make somebody else look good.

In the “Golden Age” promos that Goldust has performed over the last five weeks, in which he takes center stage and embraces his highly theatrical demeanor with his own take on some of Hollywood’s finest exports, he’s showcased tremendous promo skills that have always been there, but have been locked away for some time.

His use of his own personal “film operator” on this week’s Raw was so simple, yet so ridiculous that it complements his sense of self-involvement without fault.

R-Truth has presented the perfect counter to this – with his own weekly parodies of Goldust’s monologues from the director’s chair. In fact, his character seems to have drawn back to when it was arguably at its most entertaining, around six years ago.

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Quite frankly, it’s a lower-midcard storyline at its finest.

Two men who will undoubtedly find themselves in the annals of the WWE Hall of Fame at some stage in the future, putting on a comedy and character clinic to cool the crowd between the much more serious segments on your typical episode of Raw.

Again, when Truth and Goldust attempt to put this rivalry in the rear view mirror, it likely won’t be rated highly based on the fact that neither of these men are going to find themselves near a title anytime soon.

But don’t shrug it off too soon. At this stage in their respective careers, Goldust and R-Truth have more than earned the platform to shine on before they do eventually hang up their boots – however soon or far away those dates may actually be.

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What are your thoughts? Are you enjoying the weekly shenanigans of R-Truth and Goldust? Or would you prefer to see more time devoted to Raw’s other divisions?