WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017: Enzo Amore’s chances of winning


If WWE Great Balls of Fire plays host to the first ever match between Enzo Amore and Big Cass, does Enzo even stand a chance?

Having had over a week to stew in the reality that Big Cass and Enzo Amore are no longer together, we’ve had a decent amount of time to process the information that one of the most charismatic tag-teams in the WWE has come to a bitter end.

We can talk all day about whether or not they should have won championship gold before they inevitably broke away from one another, but since Cass eliminated any hope of the two working out their differences on this week’s Raw, there’s nothing we can do to change the fact that Enzo Amore and Big Cass are now flying solo.

What we can wonder about, however, is what lies ahead for both of these individuals as they begin to tackle life as singles wrestlers in WWE.

The last week and a half has been wrought with speculation about Big Cass’ ability to one day capture a world championship, or if Enzo Amore’s career will plummet with only his mic skills to fall back on. But surely the most important question we can ask right now is who exactly walks out of this one with his arm raised in victory.

Now, the impact of Big Cass’ heel turn has been so prevalent that this highly personal rivalry is never going to be resolved with just one pay-per-view match, but the first time these two square off against one another is arguably the most important.

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With only one episode of Raw left until Great Balls of Fire, one has to wonder:

First of all, is it too soon to give away Enzo Amore vs. Big Cass after what will have only been three weeks to build towards the match-up?

There was an awful lot of time spent on the backstage assault angles that led to this feud, four weeks in fact, so the time that could’ve been put into building an emotionally driven match at the pay-per-view has been cut by two-thirds.

The second thing to wonder is whether or not Enzo Amore actually stands a chance of winning, should they officially book the match for next Sunday night.

Given that the vast majority of people out there believe that Big Cass is going to be the success story of the team, the prospect of having Cass shown up in their first match-up could be detrimental to his immediate future as a credible heel.

So with that in mind, it’s almost impossible to bet against the man after seeing exactly how passionate he was about eliminating Enzo from his life, after years of putting up with his loud mouth writing checks that Cass had to cash.

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Which essentially means that Enzo’s chances are looking awfully slim when the WWE hits Dallas for Great Balls of Fire. But is that such a bad thing?

Assuming of course that the match is confirmed on Raw, Enzo will only have had a couple of weeks to process the news that his best friend is now gunning for him. To make matters even worse, while Enzo is still grieving from the loss, he’ll have even less time to prepare once he finds out he actually has to face Cass one-on-one.

Based on the efforts he made to salvage the bond between himself and Cass this week, and the sheer emotion he exuded with his potentially career-defining promo, it would be ridiculous to expect Enzo to get himself into a mindset stable enough not only for him to hold his own against an irate Big Cass, but to also beat him.

It doesn’t matter how good Enzo is in the ring. What matters is the fact that while he thought their friendship was all peaches, Cass has been able to plan exactly what he’s been wanting to do if ever presented with the chance to get his hands on him.

He knows what his game plan is going to be ahead of time, and his opponent will be so completely blindsided by this that Big Cass won’t even need the advantage of being seven-feet tall to aid him to victory this time around.

There’s no logical way, story-wise at the very least, that Enzo walks out of WWE Great Balls of Fire with any sense of victory under his belt, save for an intentional disqualification after Cass beats him so bad the referee has to call the match.

This isn’t to say that Cass will be victorious every time these two men face each other, but in the effort of weaving together a worthwhile and believable storyline, the match at WWE Great Balls of Fire will need to be a whitewash victory.

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What are your thoughts? Will Big Cass wipe the floor with his former friend, or will Enzo Amore somehow get one over on the man who stabbed him in the back?