WWE Money in the Bank 2020: Could Otis gift a briefcase to Mandy Rose?

Otis is riding a huge wave in his WWE career and it could result in winning Money in the Bank. But could he win a briefcase for his golden peach, Mandy Rose?

Heavy Machinery had their chance to break out over the last year in WWE, but I don’t think many expected Otis to emerge as a singles star this soon into their main roster tenure. In fact, recent reports suggest that Vince McMahon is high up on Otis, even to the point that Vince is personally booking Otis’ storylines.

If true, it would absolutely explain the prominence of the recent storyline involving Otis, Mandy Rose, Dolph Ziggler, and Sonya Deville. It’s a shame we were robbed of a mixed tag match or even a six-person tag match (also involving Tucker and Robert Roode) at WrestleMania.

Instead, Otis was able to score two major wins over Ziggler to secure his spot in this year’s Money in the Bank match.

The Dozer is one of the dark horse candidates to win this time around, although the first-time competitor finds himself in the most unique Money in the Bank ladder match to-date. With that said, it was quite puzzling when his on-screen girlfriend Mandy Rose failed to qualify for the same bout, yet perhaps it’s because be a twist on the horizon.

While some are hoping for Otis to win and cash-in the briefcase on something other than a World Title, there is a theory that he could capture one of the briefcases and solidify his love for Mandy Rose by gifting the briefcase to her. And this could work through a few different of ways. Hear me out.

Otis wins the women’s briefcase

This is likely to be the least-popular and most-frowned-upon option on the table. After all, several social media users have expressed their concern over a man grabbing the women’s briefcase again considering this year’s circumstances and what happened during the first Women’s MITB match in 2017.

One of Raw’s dominant superstars will most likely win the women’s briefcase, but what if someone happens to win the men’s side of the match and the women are still scrapping it up elsewhere in HQ. Could Otis still climb the ladder and retrieve the white case all in the name of love?

Before there’s an uproar online, Otis could even grab a mic and announce that he’s dedicating the win to his golden peach. Whether or not Mandy Rose would somehow be on-site to receive the case remains to be seen. That’s something that could easily highlight the following SmackDown.

Otis grabs both briefcases

Another possibly comedic approach to this is having Otis take down both Money in the Bank briefcases. Call it a happy accident or even intentional, Otis would keep the green case for himself and then see to it that Mandy Rose receives the white case.

At that point, Otis could pursue reuniting Heavy Machinery and creating history with his cash-in on The New Day or a future set of SmackDown Tag Team Champions. Mandy could feud with Sonya Deville or anyone else over the fact that she has the briefcase despite not competing in the ladder match.

Otis wins the men’s briefcase, but still gives it away

Another selfless way to demonstrate his love for Mandy Rose would be by winning the men’s briefcase and giving it to Mandy Rose anyway. Otis knows how hard Mandy has worked to get to this point in her career.

She came up short in last year’s Money in the Bank match. She’s come up short in the few title matches she’s had. Otis giving up his briefcase could result in Mandy achieving her crowning moment.

Looking past Mandy Rose being gifted the golden ticket, there’s several ways in which WWE can continue exploring this dynamic story. Otis and Mandy could continue their great love by winning gold together.

Otis could lift Mandy up on his shoulders as she raises her first championship overhead. This could be the greatest on-screen wrestling love story since Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth.

Dare I say, an even more shocking outcome could involve Mandy taking advantage of Otis’ loyalty. She could cash-in successfully and then cut Otis out of her life. She gets what she wants and doesn’t think twice about moving on. Some may argue Rose is better off as a heel, and this would be a way to get her back to those roots.

Personally, I’d opt for the happier ending, especially during these times where fans are seeking entertainment that puts smiles on their faces. Regardless, WWE has several potentially long-term and in-depth storylines that could play out by having Otis leave WWE HQ with a briefcase in hand. Why not take a chance?

How do you feel about Otis winning a Money in the Bank briefcase and gifting it to Mandy Rose? How long should their storyline last? Sound off below and let your theories be heard!