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WWE has another 2 hours of WrestleMania Today airing live on the WWE Network. The advertised names for the show are Roman Reigns and John Cena.

Stay tuned for updates of it until 8 PM ET.

– A clip of John Cena’s appearance from the Jimmy Kimmel show airs. Cena even used his corny jokes on non-WWE programming.

– Cesaro and Tyson Kidd joined the show next. They discuss Cesaro’s collapsible cereal bowl, which I can’t say I knew existed. Cesaro discusses how they rose to the top in the tag team division, as represented by their shirts. He then turns to Corey Graves and asks him if anyone can take the WWE Tag Team Championships away from them, which he says no. The segment wasn’t really going anywhere, so they moved onto the main event.

– An interview and video package of Roman Reigns is shown. The interview was conducted by Byron Saxton. Reigns says everything happens for a reason in regard to The Shield breaking up. He says this match is going to be his biggest moment of his life. Roman tells Byron that he will be the man to take down Brock Lesnar. He then uses his new catchphrase of “I Can. I Will. Believe That.”

– The panel then discusses the main event. They talk about how it could be a new era if Reigns defeats Lesnar.

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  • – A video package is shown that profiles the career of The Bella’s. A brief clip of their 2006 Divas search video was shown. Clips of them talking about how great their lives are and how they want to rule the world are shown. Nikki talks about how passionate she is. Brie says the two of them overcame the haters who didn’t think they would succeed because they looked like models. They then call out AJ Lee and comments she made on Raw last year. They call her a manipulator and how she is riding the coattails of the sisters. They say AJ considers herself an anti-Diva, but she is, in fact, the biggest Diva. They had a brief rant on Paige after this.

    – They return to the panel, who talk about there being a split between who the Divas are rooting for – The Bella’s or Paige and AJ. Graves praises The Bella’s for their work in the division.

    – Kane then joins the panel. They discuss Hideo Itami’s win in last night’s WrestleMania Axxess tournament. Kane says there will be a lot of pressure on him. He says there are no current plans for how him and Big Show will handle the battle royal. Kane says winning the battle royal named after André the Giant would mean a lot to him. He says that Seth Rollins’ match will take him to the next level. They then cut to a video package of Rollins and Randy Orton.

    – A video of last night’s tribute to The Ultimate Warrior is shown. They bring out his wife and two daughters and unveil a statue of Warrior. Very cool. The panel then discusses what Warrior meant to them.

    – A video package is then shown of the Warrior Award, which will be given to the late Connor Michalek at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony tomorrow night. Very touching tribute to him.

    – The panel discusses the John Cena vs. Rusev match. Saxtion discusses Cena’s recent performance while Graves discusses how Rusev has been unstoppable. Saxton plays up Rusev and how no one has made him tap out or be pinned.

    – A video package of John Cena is shown. He discusses the challenge of facing Rusev at WrestleMania.

    – The panel discusses the direction of Rusev if he loses. They always wonder what happens if Rusev wins (both are seriously good topics).

    – Dolph Ziggler gets set to join the panel. A video package is shown of the history of the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania. Ricky Steamboat, The Ultimate Warrior and others are all shown winning. WrestleMania ladder matches are also shown. The video package plays up Bad News Barrett not having great odds of retaining at the show of shows.

    – Dolph says in excitement that there’s actually a story behind the IC title that make people care. He then talks about his mini-rivalry with Daniel Bryan and how they will steal the show. They then cut to a video package for Daniel Bryan from WrestleMania 30.

    – Gene Okerlund then makes a surprise appearance. He interviews Ziggler about the ladder match. He is overly excited to be interviewed by Okerlund and it’s pretty funny.

    – Dusty Rhodes then makes a surprise appearance on the panel. Graves brings up how Rhodes crossed into enemy territory from NWA like Sting is doing now. Dusty says Sting can deal with it, but it’s something way more special than you have done in your lifetime.

    – A video package is then shown of Triple H and Sting’s rivalry. It’s hard to believe that this rivalry started over 4 months ago already. When do these video packages ever fail?

    – Dusty continues to put over the Sting-Triple H match. He then discusses Randy Savage and how he brought a special energy to his matches. That led to a video package of Savage and his career in WWE. Again, these video packages never disappoint.

    – They show a video of Brock Lesnar’s interview with Jonathon Coachman from the other day when Lesnar announced he is remaining with WWE.

    – The show closes with The Undertaker’s streak is then looked at and how it ended last year. They show how badly Lesnar destroyed him last year. I can’t believe it’s been a year already since that happened.

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