How the WWE Could Turn Bray Wyatt Face


There have been some rumblings in the professional wrestling rumor mills that a possible Bray Wyatt face turn could be in the works. It might be hard to see how the WWE could turn the “new face of evil” into a baby face, but it could happen if you just “Bo-lieve”. 

Earlier this week Daily editor,  wrote a piece about the rumor Bray Wyatt face turn that was mentioned at F4WOnline. Like all rumors in professional wrestling, it should be taken as for what it is, a rumor, but it isn’t an idea that is totally out of the question. In fact there is a way that a turn could be made and it will not only benefit Wyatt, but everyone else involved in the angle.

Let’s just say that the other rumor that is circulating about the Wyatt’s reunion (which can be ready by clicking here) does happen and the three are back as a “family”, why not add a new member to the “family”.

In his article written here on Daily DDT, Wolkenbrod brought up the idea that Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt could be brought together. Bo Dallas is lost on the WWE’s roster and could use some sort of program to put some attention on his character.

Here is how I think this pairing could happen:

Bo Dallas would come out to spread his words of positive attitude and how all you have to do is “Bo-Lieve” and you can achieve. This would then lead to a “squash” by Ryback for a quick victory.

The lights go out and pop back on to see Harper and Rowan beating down Ryback and throwing him out of the ring.

A beaten and confused Bo Dallas laid out in the corner looks at his brother Bray as he walks over to him, Bray picks him up and tells him that it’s time to “come home” and locks him into “Sister Abigail”. Laying on the mat with him, Bray cradles his brother’s head with a sick look on his face. Bray gets up, looks over to Rowan and Harper and they carry a knocked out Bo out of the ring.

The next week Bray announces to the world that his true blood brother is lost and has been fooled by the rules of society and that he needs to be “saved” and “reborn”, like Harper and Rowan were. Bray then tells the world that in the coming weeks his brother Bo will come back alive and stronger and Bo will see the world and its lies as the rest of them have.

When Bo returns, he’ll look broken but transformed into the newest Wyatt member. This will allow Bo to get his revenge against Ryback and it will show the WWE Universe a darker and gritty side of Bo Dallas’ character.

After a few months of this working successfully with the four wreaking havoc on the WWE roster, Bo will start to gain more confidence and act more of a leader of the group.

Now this could go on one of two ways:

The WWE could go in a similar route with Bo and the Wyatt Family as they did with Daniel Bryan, but with a twist. Instead of Bo turning on the family, Harper and Rowan warn Bray that this has happened before with Daniel Bryan and Bo is trying to break up the group. Bray would then deny this and tell Harper and Rowan to know their place. After a couple of weeks eventually the tag team will have enough of Bray’s rules and tell him he’s weak and that he needs to be “reborn”, they’d deliver a beating on Bray and Bo and exile him from the group.

Harper and Rowan would stand over the beaten Bray and Bo as the dominate force of the WWE. After a few weeks off television, some cryptic messages and hints will appear to warn Harper and Rowan of the errors of their ways and that the “face of fear” is coming for them. Eventually leading to the return of Bo and Bray and setting up a program between the two teams.

The other way would be that Bo would pull a power play on Bray and turn Harper and Rowan against their former leader, thus making Bo Dallas the new leader of the family. The brother’s would carry this feud into the new year and elevate Bo as a strong heel character and not a phony cartoon heel that he is now. Bray would be the face that the WWE is trying to turn him to, or at least has been rumored to have wanted to do.

I think either way would work and could make for an entertaining upper mid card program that would help everyone involved to move up the charts of the WWE’s roster…if everyone just…

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