Who Should John Cena Feud With Next for the WWE U.S. Title


With John Cena winning back his United States Championship, who should The Franchise put it on the line against next?

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Last week at WWE Night of Champions, John Cena won back the United States Championship from Seth Rollins. With their series being tied at one win a piece (Rollins beat Cena back at SummerSlam) it seemed likely that the two were going to meet for a last time next month at Hell in a Cell.

However, after Rollins defeated Sting to keep the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Championship, Kane came down to the ring. Kane attacked Rollins set up a feud between the two. When this occurred, it seemed clear for the time being Cena would not be feuding with Rollins.

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So with Rollins now off feuding with Kane, who should John Cena feud with next? At this point in his career, there is not too many people Cena has not had a feud with yet. There is though one big name down in NXT that could give Cena a great feud. That man is Samoa Joe.

Joe finished his indie commitments last month and is now ready to be called up to the main roster.Samoa Joe and John Cena would be an excellent feud and would be the perfect way to call Samoa Joe up to the main roster. This feud from the start would establish Joe as one of the new top stars in the company if done right.

This match could be viewed to the modern fan as a dream match. While Cena has established himself as a major star in WWE over the last decade, Joe has done the same in TNA and ROH. The match would pin two of the biggest names in wrestling in the last decade against one another.

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  • The feud should begin with the Joe debuting as a face and challenging Cena to a match. The two would go into the match having a mutual respect for one another. However, after losing their first match Joe would turn heel and become obsessive over defeating Cena and taking the United States Championship. Joe has always been a great heel and he could really deliver an interesting feud with Cena.

    I would end the feud somewhere in December likely at TLC. This would give the feud a three-month window and could set up three matches on pay per view between the two (Hell in a Cell, Survivor Series, TLC). In the end I would have Joe end up winning the United States Championship from Cena.

    Joe winning the United States would accomplish two major things. The first is that Joe having a run with the United States Championship would continue the trend Cena has started with giving a legit star holding the belt. Joe would be able to have great matches for the belt like Cena has had. Joe would also start his WWE career strongly defeating the company’s biggest star for a championship.

    Having Cena drop the belt in December also free’s Cena up for WrestleMania season. With the Royal Rumble being the following month Cena could then begin his path towards the biggest event of the year (hopefully against The Undertaker).

    Doing this feud would also be able to help increase the low ratings on television right now. Vince McMahon as we see will do anything during this time to help raise ratings. Bringing in one of the biggest star’s on the indie scene to feud against the biggest name in WWE over the last decade would be great way to increase ratings.

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