WWE WrestleMania 32 Dream Card


We are officially on the Road to WrestleMania but what matches would take WrestleMania 32 from good to great?

The Royal Rumble is in the books and we only have one more pay-per-view event (Fastlane) until WrestleMania 32. The booking of a WWE show is tricky business and requires a delicate balance of timing and opportunity. At no time is this more imperative than during the most important show of the year. The WWE obviously has big plans for WrestleMania 32 but how can they book a solid card while also keeping interest high during the 4 hour-long event? Here are a few suggestions:

No-DQ: Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks

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If you want to bring credence to the divas division, give them the honor of kicking off WrestleMania 32 but with a No-DQ match. Ric Flair must be taken out of the equation. A cheap win during WrestleMania is the ultimate cop-out and does nothing for these women. This type of match would be a huge step forward for the company and would give them the opportunity to set the tone for the entire show. It would show a trust and confidence that is sorely needed if WWE wants us to take their women more seriously.

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TLC Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship: The New Day vs. The Dudley Boys vs. The Ascension

The awful booking being endured by The Ascension isn’t their fault. They were a dominant tag team in NXT and have more than enough talent to hang with the big boys. Remember that upon their arrival to RAW, the tag team division didn’t have the recognition it does now but has received a much-needed boost thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of New Day and the return of the Dudleys. This could be WWEs chance to bring even more diversity and showcase the potential they once saw from The Ascension. It also allows New Day to lose the belts without looking weak and gives them fresh material in their quest for a rematch.

Triple Threat Match: Kevin Owens (as Intercontinental Champion) vs. Sami Zayn vs. AJ Styles

Dean Ambrose should lose the IC belt at Fastlane, but more on that later. Kevin Owens is insanely over with the fans and a feud between all three men would add an incredible amount of fuel to what is already a towering inferno. The reaction to Styles and Zayn at the Royal Rumble showed that fans are jazzed to see them in action and now that fans have confirmation of both men’s involvement they will undoubtedly hunger for more. These men could bring the house down in singles competition against one another but since this is WrestelMania, kitchen sinks need to be thrown.

The Undertaker, Kane and Brock Lesnar vs. The Wyatt Family

The idea may seem silly on the outside, but give it some real thought. The elimination of Lesnar at the hands of the Wyatt family during the Royal Rumble put them on an inevitable collision course, most likely via interference during Brock’s match at Fastlane. Both Undertaker and Lesnar have bad blood with the Wyatts and while their pairing may sound odd on the surface, the story of bitter rivals joining forces against a common enemy never gets old. This also takes the burden of carrying a match solely on Undertaker’s incredible old shoulders so he can still get a victory without doing all the work.

The Rock vs. Triple H

I am still vehemently opposed to HHH being involved in the main event of WrestleMania 32. It’s a cheap (and unnecessary) attempt to put Roman Reigns over (yet again) by having him defeat a megastar (Fastlane 2015). Triple H can still be part of the show but in a way that would arguably draw more interest from fans because the conclusion is not as certain.

The actual rules surrounding championships are shady at best so stripping HHH of the title shouldn’t be too difficult. Oh look, there was a “rule” implemented after the Attitude Era which states no WWE corporate employee can be a champion and board member at the same time. Triple H must choose and since he always does what is “best for business” he gives up the title so he can keep his corporate position. This decision of an office over a wrestling ring can be the basis for the feud, with Rock calling HHH a stooge, sellout, etc.

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Both men are still in fantastic physical condition so this would not be a repeat of last year’s Sting vs. Rollins match which was laughably one-sided. The Rock and Triple H had some of their best matches during the Attitude Era and both old school and new school fans alike would mark out to see them clash once again.

Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose (For the vacated WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

As it stands, the assumption is that Reigns will be victorious at Fastlane which means he will meet Triple H at WrestleMania 32 and ultimately be victorious. When the main event and subsequent result are already spoiled, that makes for a boring show and points to a larger problem. If the WWE continues to be this predictable they risk losing even more viewers and finding themselves in another hole early in 2016. By dropping the IC belt at or before Fastlane, Ambrose is free to make a legitimate run for the championship while also keeping the crowd interested in a genuine “will he or won’t he” scenario throughout WrestleMania. If done correctly, both men could walk into this match with the crowd divided over the outcome.

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This is the best scenario for the WWE in light of the fact that there is no Money In the Bank holder so the outcome of a Reigns vs. Triple H main event is all but assured. The worse fate WrestleMania 32 can suffer is being predictable.